Fetterman and Biden is proof America will elect a Apple if it means the party has power.

by 2201992

One guy has Dementia.

The other guy has a Stroke.

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The Dementia guy was saying the Stroke guy is in perfect health and is capable of running the show lol. That’s all the proof I need to know how rigged politics is.

It also shows that the Democrat Party will run a Apple if it means power. They don’t respect America enough to take the fact Hey our guy has a Stroke and needs a Stephen Hawking Computer to talk, let’s replace him.

And then there is Kathy Hocul. New York is a red state. Fuck NYC. We need a Electoral College System for the whole state. Whoever wins the most counties wins the state. Seems fair to me. This city bull shit is ridiculous. Every fucking election it’s NYC that makes NY go Blue.


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