Fewer servicemen and veterans are likely to recommend a career in uniform, as fears of going broke, hungry and ‘woke culture’ claims leave world’s top military with its worst recruitment crisis since the 1970s

The number of veterans, service members and their spouses who recommend a career in uniform has dropped sharply these past two years, with hunger, hardship, woke culture and the Afghanistan pullout being blamed for a recruitment crisis.

Research from the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) found that the number of military personnel who would advise others to enlist sank nearly 12 points to 62.9 percent between 2019 and 2021.

Those surveyed complained of being cash-strapped and even going hungry. Others warned the U.S. military was becoming another casualty of the culture wars, with woke criticism of the armed forces deterring new recruits.

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David Maxwell, a 30-year Army special forces veteran, said the U.S. military was struggling to enlist newcomers when it needed to build up manpower for a potential confrontation with heavyweight foes like Russia or China.

‘The military is a family business, and if military families are telling their children not to sign up, that sends a powerful message to everyone else, including people who are patriotic and motivated,’ Maxwell told DailyMail.com.



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