Fidelity “banking” 1.8% money market fund with unlimited checkwriting and free ATMs

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by Daendrew

I am switching banks to get 1.8% on my checking account. With a Fidelity cash management account, you can put your savings/checking money into a government money market account currently getting 1.8% (minus ~.30% fees) and you get unlimited check writing and ATM use on all of your money, plus ATM fees are reimbursed nationwide. I called them and they told me that Fidelity will reimburse you if there is any fraud on your account. But this is not FDIC insured, its SIPC insured. But if you buy a government money market fund in this account you would get the government guarantee on the underlying investments.

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Update: The thing with the Cash Mangement Account is that you need to buy the money market mutual fund manually whenever there is a credit; otherwise the money goes into a FDIC-insured fund that pays peanuts.

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Update 2: I thought I could put money in a money market account and get ATMs and checkwriting out of it but that is not the case. You need to put money in the vanilla low interest bearing account for ATM and access so I will be using Ally instead for 1.9% savings and low checking accounts.


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