Fifty More US Banks on the Verge of Failing

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by Chris Black

The banking crisis is clearly real, and it’s now just a matter how long it’s going to take for it to speed up.

The thing about this is: this could all be fixed by backing off the rate hikes that aren’t doing anything to stop inflation anyway.

Also, inflation is not really even a serious problem, especially in comparison to the collapse of the global banking system.

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If they don’t move quickly to fire Powell and take interest rates back to 2022 levels, you’ll know they’re doing this to you on purpose.

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The banking crisis could swallow another 50 regional lenders in the US if the country’s authorities don’t take appropriate steps to resolve structural issues, former vice-president at Lehman Brothers Lawrence McDonald has said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

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There is no way to stop the inflation created by the covid lunacy.

 The good news is, inflation is not really that big of a deal – especially in comparison to say, completely destroying the market with useless rate hikes.


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