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The agenda to get us out of cars and onto bicycles continues on in this city and it’s all in the name of receiving grant money.

It says on the PDF online that the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments received a grant from the California Transportation Commission so they can put bikes all over the San Gabriel Valley.

This is exactly what is wrong with this city. There’s this attitude around here of it’s not my money so we can waste it however we want.

That is my money. I pay taxes to this city, to the state, and to the federal government. I don’t care if the money isn’t coming out of the West Covina general fund, it’s still our tax dollars and like always it’s being wasted on stupid things that the majority of the population doesn’t want.

And we know that most people don’t want this because the free market tells us so by the fact that 95% of all people are driving around in cars. If people wanted out of their cars, they would do so.

It may not look like it on the surface but this idea of trying to get everyone pedaling around on bikesis Marxism. All those people we see on TV who are always talking about ending capitalism and how they want to change the system are the ones behind these ideas.

You see we have to end car ownership because car ownership represents 2 things to the Marxists.

It represents the ownership of private property.

and it represents inequality.

Car ownership is inequality because not everyone has the same car, and that’t not fair but you put out those little green bikes and now suddenly we are living under total equality.

If we get people to stop driving and they start actively transporting themselves that’s going to destroy our economy because that will severely limit how many places people can travel to in a single day. But that’s the agenda, the Marxists want to destroy capitalism and usher in a new economy. They want to change the system from capitalism and private ownership into
communism where no one owns anything and the government controls everything. Government run bike share where the government owns the bikes is the infrastructure of this new system.

In communist society there is a tiny wealthy elite at the very top controlling everything and then thereare the poor starving masses. This is more evident in California right now than in any other state in the country.

It is very obvious to me what is being planned. A future is being planned where everyone is in direpoverty and no one owns anything. Because once again private ownership represents inequality. Weare going to be so poor that we won’t even own our own bicycles. That’s why government wants toinstall bike share at the affordable rate of $7 per hour.

Something I would like to point out is the naysayers always tell us that these bikes are for cyclists andalso to give people other options. That is a very disingenuous statement because you can’t say that with a straight face and then call it active transportation. Active transportation is the idea that you are actively transporting yourself from point A to point B. This is about setting up a permanent infrastructure for the massive underclass of the future.

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Fortunately, our city is late to this game and this bike share business has been tried out all over the country and has already proven to be a failure.

In the first round of failures, the government in all its wisdom thought the program would work better if they kept the bikes but got rid of the bike stations enabling the users to leave the bikes anywhere they want. The result is big cities have these junky green bikes that no one is taking care of just lying around everywhere.

In the documents online it said that this city would have this very system where people can leave the bikes wherever they want. Is that what we want for our city? Green bikes lying on the ground all over the town.

The city of Pasadena, a member of ICLEI… did this very program and announced only a year later that it’s a failure.

We’re in the 21st century yet we’re regressing in the name of progress.

When I was growing up in the 90’s China had a reputation as being a country full of poor people where everyone rode bikes and America had a reputation of being a wealthy country where everyone drove cars.

China is much wealthier and people are driving meanwhile America is going back to bicycles.

Do the right thing, stop the social engineering, stop wasting our money, and stop allowing Marxism into our city.




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