Fact-checking The Washington Post: did Trump really tell 24 lies in his interview with the New York times?

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after Trump gave his interview to the New York Times The Washington Post predictably publish to hit piece claiming that Trump had lied 24 times. Most regular readers know that the Washington Post makes these things up what’s important to occasionally fact check them.

as usual. The Washington Post put the tremendous spin in their fact checks in order to make it look like Trump lied

below is an exact copy of what quotes The Washington Post said where lies as well as explanation below them

“Virtually every Democrat has said there is no collusion. There is no collusion. I saw Dianne Feinstein the other day on television saying there is no collusion.”
Trump appears to be referring to an interview with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper on Nov. 5 whether she had “seen any evidence that this dirt these emails were ever given to the Trump campaign ” she replied: “Not so far.” Tapper then asked: “Have you seen any communications that suggested that the Trump campaign wanted them to release them through a different means?” She answered: “I have not.”

Antique Nancy Pelosi has also expressed that democrats should “not expect evidence of collusion

More evidence here

“I think it’s been proven that there is no collusion.”
The Washington Post is entitled to there own opinion but they igmore the fact that the investigation has already moved on to other outside members of his campaign. And that the only charges so far are completely unrelated to Russia . The Washington Post links to their own video as proof

“There was collusion with the Russians and the Democrats. A lot of collusion. Starting with the dossier. But going into so many other elements. And Podesta’s firm.”
Clinton campaign manager John Podesta was involved with a Russian company. Tony Podesta co-founded the Podesta Group a lobbying firm with his brother John. Trump likely is referring to the Podesta Group being paid $170 000 over six months to represent Sberbank Russian bank. The Washington Post attempts to play defense for podesta representing the evidence as flimsy. Meanwhile it takes much flimsier Evidence against Trump if absolutely Russia. As for collusion between the Democrats and Russia Trump is referring to the fact that Fusion GPS the hyoer partisan leftwing opposition research firm that has previously been paid by democrats to lie about Democrat opponents- such as lying about planned Parenthood videos- assembled the dossier as part of an assignment for Democrats. paid russia millions of dollars for what was later discredited as a phony dossier.
The Washington Post doesn’t mention this because they would prefer for their Democrat readers not to know about those things.

More articles here

“I won because I campaigned properly and she didn’t. She campaigned for the popular vote. I campaigned for the electoral college.”
This has tbeen corroborated by many political strategists since the election.

Washington Post again tries to deflect criticism away from Hillary. Proving once again that they are not a newspaper but rather a Democrat political strategist website

“Paul [Manafort] only worked for me for a few months.”
The Washington Post tries to pretend that because he was the manager at the end of The Campaign is that somehow proves Trump wrong. It doesn’t.
“There was tremendous collusion on behalf of the Russians and the Democrats. There was no collusion with respect to my campaign.”
Trump is referring to the fact if there is an ongoing Scandal regarding Hillary Clinton and uranium one. Which is the sale of uranium to Russia. And the fact that the Democrats played paid a opposition firm to buy false information from the Russians in order to attack the sitting president of the United states

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“What I’ve done is I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department.”

*Presidents do not have unfettered right to interfere with Justice Department investigations unless they are actively seeking a constitutional crisis.*

What the Washington Post wrote. This is a blatantly false statement And the Washington Post knows that. The president has the right do the rec anybody Underneath Him in any way that he wants. All members of the intelligence community’s and agencies agencies report to the president. He has unfettered authority to hire and fire anybody he wants

“I’m the one that saved coal. I’m the one that created jobs. You know West Virginia is doing fantastically now.”

West Virginia’s gross domestic product increased 3 percent in the first quarter of 2017. . According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 900 jobs have been created in the coal industry since Trump became president — an increase of 3 percent.

The Washington Post tries to make it sound like it’s not a big deal. If this had happened under Obama they would be giving him complete credit and shouting it from the rooftops.

There is tremendous collusion with the Russians and with the Democratic Party. Including all of the stuff with the — and then whatever happened to the Pakistani guy that had the two you know whatever happened to this Pakistani guy who worked with the DNC?”
Trump refers to a story that a criminal case involving a Pakistani information technology specialist who worked for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz — who had chaired the Democratic National Committee — was related to the Russian hack of DNC emails. The case involves a fraudulent loan and is still under investigation.

“They made the Russian story up as a hoax as a ruse as an excuse for losing an election that in theory Democrats should always win with the electoral college. The electoral college is so much better suited to the Democrats.”
Trump states a widely-held opinion among most non partisan journalists amd scholars
The Washington Post is attempting to make people believe otherwise. Even nonpartisan left-wing journalist have called the Russian story a hoax meant to distract from the Democrat party’s actual crimes over the election. Such as colluding with major networks on TV and getting them to lie for them.
I was for Strange and I brought Strange up 20 points. Just so you understand. When I endorsed him he was in fifth place. He went way up. Almost 20 points.”

I endorsed him [Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore]. It became a much closer race because of my endorsement. People don’t say that. They say ‘Oh Donald Trump lost.’ I didn’t lose I brought him up a lot.”
Polls vary on this

“We have spent as of about a month ago $7 trillion in the Middle East. And the Middle East is worse than it was 17 years ago. … $7 trillion.”
Trump is including together the wars in Iraq (in the Middle East) and Afghanistan (in South Asia) which together cost about $1.6 trillion from 2001 to 2014. He is also adding in estimates of future spending such as interest on the debt and veterans’ care for the next three decades.

“By the way and for that we’ve ended across state lines. So we have competition. You know for that I’m allowed to [inaudible] state lines. So that’s all done.”
Trump signed an executive order encouraging the formation of health plans across state lines.

I know the details of taxes better than anybody. Better than the greatest C.P.A. I know the details of health care better than most better than most.”
This cannot be cooberated

“We’ve created associations millions of people are joining associations. Millions. That were formerly in Obamacare or didn’t have insurance. Or didn’t have health care. Millions of people.”
Trump is referring to an executive order mentioned above The rules spelling out how the executive order would work have not been issued yet so Trump is simply guessing .

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“Now that the individual mandate is officially killed people have no idea how big a deal that was. It’s the most unpopular part of Obamacare. But now Obamacare is essentially … You know you saw this. … It’s basically dead over a period of time.”
the individual mandate was an important incentive for Americans to seek health insurance Washington Post once again tries to defend democrats Democrats rather than reporting the truth

We see the drugs pouring into the country we need the wall.”
Is an opinion. gWashington Post fact-checking it is dishonest

“They have a lottery in these countries. They take the worst people in the country they put them into the lottery then they have a handful of bad worse ones and they put them out. ‘Oh these are the people the United States.’ … We’re going to get rid of the lottery.”
. Individuals apply for the visa system and must have at least a high school diploma or work in specific industries to be eligible for the program. As the term “lottery” implies applicants are selected via a randomized computer drawing. The selected applicants undergo a unnafective background check before entering the country k
“I like very much President Xi. He treated me better than anybody’s ever been treated in the history of China.”
Washington Post got mad this because I feel like it anybody could like Trump

“This [North Korea] is a problem that should have been handled for the last 25 years. This is a problem North Korea. That should have been handled for 25 30 years not by me. This should have been handled long before me. Long before this guy has whatever he has.”
The Washington Post now defends George W bush in an effort to attack the current Republican president

“When I campaigned I was very tough on China in terms of trade. They made — last year we had a trade deficit with China of $350 billion minimum.”
The trade deficit in goods and services in 2016 with China was $310 billion. Trump often just cites the goods deficit which was $347 billion according to the U.S. Trade Representative. The Washington Post still dishonestly calls it a lie.

“We lost $71 billion a year with Mexico. Can you believe it?”
. The 2016 trade deficit with Mexico was $55 billion according to the U.S. Trade Representative.

“$17 billion with Canada — Canada says we broke even. But they don’t include lumber and they don’t include oil. Oh that’s not. My friend Justin he says ‘No no we break even.’ I said ‘Yeah but you’re not including oil and you’re not including lumber.’ When you do you lose $17 billion.”
Trudeau said Canada had a total trade deficit with the United States while Trump insisted it was the other way around. In reality the U.S. goods trade deficit with Canada was $12.1 billion in 2016 but the U.S. services trade surplus with Canada was $24.6 billion in 2016 according to the U.S. Trade Representative. Without including the things trump mentioned.

As you can see the Washington Post basically lied about every one of those things. And it’s strange. Considering Trump most probably has lied about things. If the things we choose to call li are actually not lies lies. After 8 years of Defending every lie that Obama told the left-wing media is now pretending that Trump is out of the ordinary


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