FIGHTING FOREIGN INFLUENCE: Trump expected to sign bill blocking money for Chinese Communist propaganda in colleges.

via thecollegefix:

So-called Confucius Institutes hosted by American colleges and universities have long drawn concern from both lawmakers and academic groups for promoting Chinese Communist propaganda and squelching academic freedom.

Since few colleges have acted against this source of free and easy money, the U.S. government is playing its own part.

Under a massive defense authorization bill expected to be signed by President Trump, authorized funding would be blocked from supporting Chinese-language programs at colleges that host the Chinese government-operated institutes. It also blocks funding for programs at Confucius Institutes outside colleges.

It creates a waiver process that allows funding to flow to Chinese-language programs if the Defense Department certifies to relevant congressional committees that “Confucius Institute employees and instructors will have no affiliation with,” teach or “support” the programs. Colleges also must make public all agreements with the Confucius Institutes and any organization affiliated with the Chinese government.


China has been getting away with murder for years.

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