Final Proof That the Media is Obsessed with Race and that No One Else Is

by Mark Angelides

So Prince Harry has gotten engaged to Meghan Markle. A handsome guy getting hitched to a beautiful woman is not exactly news, but an odd thing is happening to the world’s media. Those that have for years denigrated the British Royal family (and most other Caucasian monarchies) have dived in head first to begin stoking internet chatter. Could it be because Markle is not completely white? And why is that hardly a single soul outside of the Media care about this (I put in hours looking for even one case of a single Tweet giving any care about her race to make sure that this is literally just a media obsession)?
The fact is that this is a perfect example of the difference between the vast majority of the western world and the media that claims to represent them. The media are loop the looping over Markle’s skin color, and real people do not give a Sh**.
Out of all the adjectives that the combined hive mind of the media could have come up with to describe Ms. Markle (talented, driven, principled, beautiful, successful) they decided that she as a person would be best described as “mixed race.” Not only does this show the disconnect between them and us, it shows that they are truly horrible and vapid people who have no sense of reality.
I so badly wanted to make this point that I trawled through the gutter that is Twitter to try and source any single person criticizing Ms. Markle for her skin color. There were some, but only black folk suggesting she wasn’t “black enough” to be considered a “black princess.” Yet whilst crawling through the slime, I did come across several media organizations desperate to get comments from random Twitter users about her “blackness.”

If people actually cared about her skin color, BBC correspondents wouldn’t have to be trolling through the Twittersphere to find comments. They would just be there, ready to reTweet!
Do racists exist? Of course they do! But what the media is doing is trying to create a division of opinions aimed solely at creating a distinct wedge between those with different skin colors…It is shameful and it is dangerous. They are shaping a narrative that people have vastly different opinions based on the color of their parents, and this is not the reality.
Harry and Meghan are two youngish folks who happen to have found each other. Regardless of our opinions on Royalty and the Monarchy, we are above the sleaze in the media who would seek to divide us. Let’s just congratulate two people lucky enough to be in the first flush of love.
Congratulations Harry and Meghan!

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14 thoughts on “Final Proof That the Media is Obsessed with Race and that No One Else Is

    • is there such a thing as” black irish”?
      the Irish mercinaires where in MEXICO and they are still there as descendants redheaded Mexicans I kid you not.
      with REALLY HOT tempers!

      • Really? Never heard of the forced breeding programs of white Irish women with black slaves to produce Mullatos to be sold at full price? 400-500k Irish put in chains by the British Army and sold into slavery ignored and called indentured servants to make it seem like they volunteered.

  1. Trump didn’t make the media racist, people like Hannity and Limbaugh have been around for ages. It is an obsession among right wingers, an obsessive fear of ‘the other’.

  2. I disagree with the article.
    The internet basically do not care about the royalties any more. They are destroying themselves anyway.
    He marries a mulatto woman from the other side of the world who is three years older than him. This stinks of mother issues and political correct pairing. He is looking for an older sister to run his life.
    The fact that the English royalty accepts such dilution of their bloodline implies that they have given up. It is only up to the English people to discover it as well. But as they are a caliphate by now I doubt we will see any traditional classy reaction.

    • The English Monarchy is going to be extinct shortly…..due to the fact the country is being overrun by the muslims and blacks. They may be low IQ’d folks….but they don’t follow a real person….they follow a dead paedo who had died over 600 years ago and preached murder, death, beating wives and children, beheading folks, chopping off hands, etc. honor killings by fathers, rape anything that stands still long enough…goats, humans, anything. The English Monarchy is sadly no more. The present Queen will probably be the last monarch to sit on the throne. The whole of England is done for as well……

  3. You, ms reporter are a REAL TWIT. I am a real person and I think Harry marrying a mulatto is downright WRONG. Race mixing is WRONG. If you are a mixed race person do you have any idea just how HARD it would be to get a suitable organ donor? No….but you don’t think of stupid sheet like that…you just are way too selfish to think that your children will suffer while you don’t.

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