Finance cheat sheet for sister graduating from college

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by bsreilly

I’m working on creating a financial cheat sheet for my sister once she graduates from college in the upcoming year. My intentions are to create a single page document that can answer a lot of basic financial questions she may have entering the work world.

I’m looking for any feedback on what I have so far. A lot of the advice I’m offering is tailored to her specific situation (middle class college graduate (bachelor) who will most likely be earning a decent income following graduation). If you think any of my advice is misguided or could be improved I’m open to all suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your time and advice! 🙂

Below is a link to an image of the cheat sheet I’ve come up with thus far:


Edit 1: Thank you for all of the feedback and suggestions everyone! I’ll work on updating the document with the advice given today and post an updated version as soon as I’m done. You’re more than welcome to share this document with others if you feel that the advice is applicable to their situation.

Edit 2: See the link below for an updated version of the document. Thank you all for the incredible amount of suggestions. There is so much good advice in this thread! I tried to keep the document as simple as possible to avoid overwhelming my sister with advice. Some or all of this advice may not apply to everyone, but feel free to share it with anyone who could receive value from it. If you want to modify the document for your own use send me a PM and I’ll provide you with the word document.



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