Financial Collapse of the US before 13 Sept 2015 / The Harbinger

Many here have read The Harbinger
Doom every 7 years? What is next?
The Shemitah & The Septennial Sabbatical Cycle
09/17/2001 is 29 Elul, 5761 Monday
09/29/2008 is 29 Elul 5768 Monday
09/13/2015 is 29 Elul 5775 Sunday
(FALL of the stock market) The plunge of just over 7 percent or nearly 700 points occurred in response to the 9/11attacks.
29 Elul 5768 corresponds to 29 September, 2008 in Gregorian calendar Monday (FALL of the stock market) the drop of 777.7 points or 7 percent took place in reaction to the US Congress failing to approve the first vote for a Wall Street bailout during the financial crisis that year.
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The ancient mystery and law of judgment, which lies behind everything from 9/11 to the War on Terror to the Crash of Wall Street to the Collapse of the American economy to the Great Recession and more – Why all these happened and what it foretells for the future.

The Nine Harbingers – Jonathan Cahn
no name interviews author Jonathan Cahn on the Coast 2 Coast Show 3/20/2013.

Jonathan Cahn On Glenn Beck TV The Harbinger Part 1

The second day of Glenn with Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger.

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