Financial Collapse

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by donpaulo

I am sure many here are familiar with the movie Inside Job from 2010 which documents the financial fallout from the economic meltdown and subsequent collapse. For those who aren’t familiar with the title, I’d highly recommend giving it a watch sometime. Its quite informative and details the pervasive and deep rooted wall street corruption that led to the global economic meltdown of 2008.

In Iceland, easy money resulted in a massive bubble, skyrocketing stock prices huge bonuses for banksters, House prices more than doubled. A deep look at how a ponzi scheme is created, allowed the system to propagate and with so much money flowing a refusal to legislate, regulate or criminalize sociopath behavior.

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Savings evaporated, massive unemployment and govt stepped in with taxpayer money to bail the system out.

Its happened before and imho its going to occur again. Its always best to be prepared and mitigate risk. Make sure you have enough caloric and financial independence for you and your family to survive what is very likely imminent. Stock up on things you consume asap. Buy 2 rolls of TP when you need one. Its not going to spoil. Buy bulk grains and store them in a cool dry place. Learn to can fruit or failing that buy some for your pantry. Candles, hand cranked radio. A source of heat that isn’t dependent on the grid. I’m sure many in Texas learned this the hard way.

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best of luck to us all




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