FINANCIAL TIMES: Conspiracy No More – It’s Time for Americans to Embrace the Heroes Known as the Deep State

Team Trump’s ‘deep state’ paranoia fans conspiracy theories

Why we should celebrate America’s deep state
Much maligned by Donald Trump, their services are unsung
and provide great value at the price



RUSH: The Deep State Cabal Against Trump Is Very Real

Well, folks, this is exactly what we elected Donald Trump to do. So the bottom line is, they’re trying to kick Donald Trump out of office for doing exactly what you elected him to do. It’s no more complicated than that. All the rest of this is just blather. All the rest of it is just a bunch of garbage thrown up against the wall hoping a lot of it sticks so that you’ll be confused. It’s no more complicated than Donald Trump is actually doing what you elected him to do, and official Washington is intolerant of it.

h/t dr0id


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