Finsbury Park – Terrorism?

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by Mark Angelides

At a Mosque in Finsbury Park, a man driving a van has ran over several people as they came walking out onto the pavement. The suspect has already been arrested and so far there appear to be no deaths (although victims are undergoing hospital treatment). In light of the recent terror attacks that involved mounting the pavement to hit (and presumably kill) pedestrians, many are questioning if this is also a terror attack.
Witnesses at the scene have stated that the attacker tried to run from the site of the attack and when he was held down by locals began saying “Kill me” and “I want to kill Muslims”. The suspected terrorist is described by the media as “a 48 year-old white man”.
The MSM is keeping a relatively cool head for the moment, but Social Media has blown up with bitter divisions and recriminations. This is a playing out almost exactly the same as other terrorist acts, but with the roles reversed. There are calls for something to be done, there are calls for violence, and there are accusations being flung; not too dissimilar to what happens from the anti-Muslim groups when a terrorist act is committed by a Muslim.
It is a dangerous time, made more so by the fact that the haters on both sides are blind to what’s really happening. The people who engage in terrorist acts are fooled into thinking that they are doing good; they are convinced they are in the right and have been helped along by people who in all seriousness want a full blown war on the streets of the nation.
As with many of these atrocities, we can be fairly certain that the people who commit the actual act are somewhat deranged, probably with a history of drug use and or mental illness. They are easy pickings for people whose sole purpose is to wind up these clockwork soldiers and let them go.
One of the saddest aspects of this (other than of course people have been hurt or worse) is that so many people on all parts of the spectrum will try and use this act for gain. The Militant Left will blame it on the “Far Right” (which for them is anyone who does not follow their own brand of ideology). The Real Far Right will use it as an excuse to target Muslims (not that they have ever needed an excuse). And the MSM will use it to end real debate on what needs to be done to combat extremism.
We are all being played by groups that have their own agenda, and it is unfortunate that so many people in positions of power are not willing to expose that agenda.


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  1. Everyone has a breaking point. Guess he got tired of seeing “his” people getting randomly killed. A shame he lowered his standards. He should have gone after more deserving targets. Merkel and Juncker to begin with.

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