Firefighters beg “Stop microwaving face masks!”

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Quote:It doesn’t sanitize the masks, but it could set your kitchen on fire.

People across the country have been putting face masks in microwaves in attempts to kill germs, leading fire departments to caution against the move.

“The NH State Fire Marshal’s Office (NHFMO) would like to remind everyone that “microwaving their masks to kill germs” is a fire hazard and an extremely bad idea,” the office said in a Facebook post.


There is a troubling trend in which people are microwaving masks in an effort to kill the germs. A lot of people don’t know that there is metal inside the mask to help you shape it to your nose. Microwaving a mask could cause your microwave to catch fire! #firesafety #nometal
— Reading Fire Local 1640 (@Readingfire) April 13, 2020…story.html


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