Fires And Floods – Weather Manipulation – Lasers In The Sky – Preparing Humanity For Agenda 21 – 30 – The Reality.

by Ruby Henley
I have been interested in Agenda 21 – 30 for a quiet awhile, and I have questioned how the powers that be would “cull the herd.”  In other words how would they remove humanity from their desired “off limits to humans” land areas?  In fact, I live in an area, according to a map, is now a biosphere.  How will they remove me?
How will they put us in “stack cities?”  How will they remove us from these homes and areas of land set aside as strictly for animals and plants?  
The original plan for Agenda 21- now 30 was written by Professor Weishaupt when he founded in 1776 the Order of the Illuminati; actually a fascist Nazi organization, which employs as their frontmen, government leaders, being their visible acting puppet.  Most of our ‘elected leaders sold their soul to the satanic bosses to keep them hidden from the public. Those leaders that commit treason or resign are disciplinary penalized by premature death.
What are some of the actions that those, who are Agenda 21 – 30, are committed to?

  1. The creation of racism offences,
  2. Continual change to create confusion,
  3. The undermining of schools and teachers’ authority,
  4. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children,
  5. Huge immigration to destroy national identity,
  6. The promotion of excessive drinking,
  7. The promotion of drugs abuse,
  8. Emptying of churches – undermining any form of social cohesion,
  9. Legal system with bias against victims of crime,
  10. Dependency on the government or government benefits – and erasing these as is happening now,
  11. Control and dumping down of the media,
  12. Encouraging the breaking down of the family,
  13. Depopulation – removing humans from certain land masses – the creation of “stack cities.”

I would like to name one person, whom most of us are very familiar with, as he has been in the news for some time now:  John Podesta.  Podesta, founder of the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress and a member of the elitist Trilateral Commission, went to work for Obama as a senior policy consultant on climate change. A liberal Catholic, he has been a professor at Georgetown Law School. One of the leaked emails shows Podesta saying that he applauds the work of Pope Francis on climate change and that “all my Jesuit friends say the Pope is the real deal.”
Podesta was picked by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to be a member of the “high-level panel” of “eminent persons” planning the future of the globe. This so-called “High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda” released an 81-page report titled, “A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies through Sustainable Development.”
“In simplest terms,” explains Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, “Sustainable Development is a replacement economic system for capitalism and free enterprise. It is a system based on resource allocation and usage rather than on supply and demand and free economic market forces.”
In this context, Wood argues that the major significance of the transfer of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is not the immediate need by the U.N. or some countries to censor websites, but to generate revenue for global purposes. ICANN will do this, he argues, through management of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), the links between the Internet and networks, electronic devices and embedded technology with IP addresses. “IoT are the connections between inanimate objects and the humans that depend upon them,” he notes. To accomplish this, ICANN has devised a new IP numbering system called IPV6, described as the “vital expansion” of the Internet.
“In terms of ‘follow the money,’ IoT is expected to generate upwards of $3 trillion by 2025 and is growing at a rate of at least 30 percent per year,” Wood argues. “In other words, it is a huge market and money is flying everywhere. If the UN can figure out a way to tax this market, and they will, it will provide a windfall of income and perhaps enough to make it self-perpetuating.”
He adds, “Congress never understood this when they passively let Obama fail to renew our contract with ICANN. However, Obama and his globalist handlers understood it perfectly well, which makes the deception and treachery of it even worse.”
Before we go any further,  I would like to give you a list of patents on weather manipulation which currently exist.

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  1. 0462795 – July 16, 1891 – Method Of Producing Rain-Fall
  2. 1103490 – August 6, 1913 – Rain-Maker
  3. 1225521 – September 4, 1915 – Protecting From Poisonous Gas In Warfare
  4. 1338343 – April 27, 1920 – Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists
  5. 1619183 – March 1, 1927 – Process of Producing Smoke Clouds From Moving Aircraft
  6. 1665267 – April 10, 1928 – Process of Producing Artificial Fogs
  7. 1892132 – December 27, 1932 – Atomizing Attachment For Airplane Engine Exhausts
  8. 1928963 – October 3, 1933 – Electrical System And Method
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And there are more, but the above are a few.  It is a very real fact that weather manipulation and chemtrails are legitimate in this day and age.  They are a tool for Agenda 21 – 30, and at this time in 2017, they are being used in full force.
Unfortunately today too many people are too complacent and ignorant to the many warnings that are visible all around them. They still think that authorities are taking care of them, so, above view would be impossible and consequently are dismissed as conspiracy.
Since the massive flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Texas, most people do believe we are living in monumental times of “climate change or global warming being caused by the carbon footprints of humans.”  Yes, these are monumental times, but it is not because of “human carbon footprints.”  It is because the global elite have given rise to the “beast system.” And they now have forms of control over the masses never seen before.
What do I mean when I say the “beast system?”  I ask you to consider what Lucifer/Satan did to God, the Father/Creator?  He was God’s creation; instead of loving and supporting God,  Lucifer began to compete with God for control over God’s creation.  He thought he could do better, and he became the opposite of God.  He became the “beast” of darkness and evil manipulation.  Jesus Christ was sent here as the “son of God” to show human beings the truth and the light.  Basically to unlock the prison gates of earth to allow humans, who chose to trust and accept Christ, to escape this “beast” system.
Those, who belong to the beast system have chosen Lucifer over God, and they are Luciferians or Satanists.  They seek to dominate and steal the power of other human beings, and they use innocent children in ways that define the most powerful tool of Lucifer.  To destroy the soul of an innocent child is the worst evil man can do.  It is an act, which has spread like an epidemic, although it has always been performed by those practicing Satanism.  The bottom line is those who practice Satanism seek control over earth and her children.  We must fight back.
We are seeing in this present time, the worst mass shooting in history, the worst hurricane in history, and the worst fires in history.  Some ask how could God do this to us?  I say “the beast system has risen.”
Just how high up does Agenda 21-30 go?  The Pope gave his of approval for Agenda 2030. He is probably the most politically powerful religious leader on the entire planet, and so his endorsement is huge, because hundreds of millions of people follow him. However, the Pope has allowed the beast system to climb the Vatican walls! The 2030 Agenda is a tool that the elite plan to use to push us toward a one-world system, to be implemented not later than by the year 2030.  
The UN says that this new Agenda is “voluntary”, and yet virtually every single-puppet-nation on the entire planet is willingly signing up for it. In the official document that all of these nations are agreeing to, there are 17 sustainable development goals and 169 very specific sustainable development targets. The program is being shrouded in deceit; who wouldn’t want to end global poverty? But look deeper into what the UN is trying to do; hopefully you will be able to see through the smoke and shadows.  Paul McGuire writes in his book, writes in his new book “The Babylon Code:”
“The UN is not asking permission, but issuing a command that the entire planet will commit to 17 sustainable development goals and 169 sustainable development targets designed to radically transform our world by 2030. The UN 2030 plan promoted by the Pope will advance Agenda 21 on steroids. Through a controlled media the mass populations will be told that this is all about saving the environment and “ending poverty.” But that is not the true agenda of Agenda 21. The true agenda of Agenda 21 is to establish a global government, global economic system, and global religion. When UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon spoke of “a dream of a world of peace and dignity for all” this is no different than when the Communists promised the people a “workers paradise.”
Remember we were warned by God of the “great deception.”  Discern carefully, for now is the time.
Here is the newest map for Agenda 30:

The following is a new video on Agenda 2030:
“As metropolitan regions continued to expand throughout the second half of the 20th century their boundaries began to blur, creating a new scale of geography now known as the megaregion. Interlocking economic systems, shared natural resources and ecosystems, and common transportation systems link these population centers together. As continued population growth and low density settlement patterns place increasing pressure on these systems, there is greater impetus to coordinate policy at this expanded scale.
Most of the nation’s rapid population growth, and an even larger share of its economic expansion, is expected to occur in 11 megaregions: large networks of metropolitan regions, each megaregion covering thousands of square miles and located in every part of the country.  
The megaregions of the United States are defined by layers of relationships that together define a common interest; this common interest, in turn, forms the basis for policy decisions. The five major categories of relationships that define megaregions are:

  •    Environmental systems and topography
  •    Infrastructure systems
  •    Economic linkages
  •    Settlement patterns and land use
  •    Shared culture and history

While every megaregion may not share every one of these characteristics, the possession of several indicates a stronger and more cohesive megaregion. For instance, the Northeast Megalopolis, identified as early as 1961 by geographer Jean Gottman, is defined by relationships in each of these categories and, accordingly, is one of the strongest and most easily recognizable megaregions. “
Let’s talk about the latest wildfires in California and what some saw in the sky:  lasers striking the land.
“I hesitate to even suggest this,” said Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin, a former Fountaingrove resident who lost her Oakmont home in the Nuns fire to the south. “But many people are starting to say, why are we — and this is in the city’s realm — why are we thinking about permitting the rebuilding of Fountaingrove?”
Next we must talk about weather manipulation, and how authentic it is. There may be some of you, who do not believe this. When you view the materials at, you will no longer doubt the legitimacy of weather manipulation.
Cloud ionization, ionic cloud seeding
Cloud seeding via ionization technology is highly controversial. When Meteo Systems deployed their WeatherTec system in Abu Dhabi and claimed to make it rain 50 times in the desert, this statement caught the ear of the World Meteorological Organization’s Expert Team on Weather Modification, who convened a meeting March 22-24, 2010. Their conclusion: don’t believe the hype.  Yeah, right, one had better wake up and understand reality.
“Meteo Systems International AG (“Meteo”) is a privately owned Swiss-based technology company incorporated in Zug, Switzerland.  Meteo is focused on providing a rain enhancement service to increase the supply of fresh water in arid regions of the world.  Meteo’s main shareholder is Sindicatum Sustainable Resources, a developer, owner and operator of clean energy projects worldwide and producer of sustainable resources from natural products and waste.
Meteo was founded in 2004 and since then has acquired, further developed and tested technologies that meteorological scientists have been studying for many years to enhance natural precipitation.  Various trials have been carried out in Switzerland, Australia and most recently in Abu Dhabi.
As a result of these trials and years of research, under the right meteorological conditions Meteo sees potential for its WeatherTec™ technology to enhance rainfall.  Meteo is now ready to work with select partners to commercialize its technology while continuing to build the empirical body of evidence that supports the technology.”
So as you can see the ability to control the weather does exist, as does the reality of Agenda 21 – 30.  Prepare yourselves, as we fight the “beast system.”  Pray for discernment, as the root goal is depopulation of this planet.  The elite want our resources to themselves, as they make their plans for “sustainable development.”  Don’t be fooled by the words they use, as I hope I have provided enough information in this report that you will be able to read between the lines.


19 thoughts on “Fires And Floods – Weather Manipulation – Lasers In The Sky – Preparing Humanity For Agenda 21 – 30 – The Reality.”

  1. One of the ‘inventors’ is –
    8853 214TH PLACE
    He has filed for a number of population reduction related patents; and he’s also abandoned some interesting ones as well. One such patent being the RFID body chip.

  2. Thank you for that information. I will research him, as I have never heard of him. However, if he patented that RFID body chip, he is playing a major role in the beast system. Wow.

  3. Good Article. Haven’t read anything from you for a while. Gittin worried about you. Back in 2001 the S Koreans would put up about 20 50 story buildings in a 50 to 100 acre area in about 2 months. The factories are in the basement, the shops on the first couple floors and the workers live above them. I no doubt think that this is the future of those who are issued a CO2 emission permit and are NOT culled. Travel will be highly controlled and no vehicles for the proletariat.

    • Mac, I have been really sick….still am. I need your prayers. I hope you are good, or better than I am. When you don’t hear from me, know I am struggling with a health problem. Honestly, when I am sick, I cannot even write. Thanks for caring.

      • You may not write when you are sick but it evident that you are reading. It appears that you have gone from a novice conspiracy freak back before Las Vegas and Podesta’s Emails to a full out right Conspiracy Nut like me. We agree on about 90% of events which is pretty high considering ALL the variables and the media is nothing but lies.
        You have shown exceptional bravery since as you travelled on your search for the Truth you have realized the extreme dangers associated with Speakin Truth to Power.
        May G-d protect you and keep you and as your spiritual journey takes you closer to Satan’s Beast and his unholy plan; may you unveil him and save some souls from Satan’s clutches and into Jesus’ arms.
        G-d Bless you and keep up HIS work.

        • Mac, that means so much to me coming from you. I let the Bible guide me through this present battle we are in. We were given a map, as the Bible parallels all of this. I did not really turn to Christ fully until my son died, and He gave me the comfort to carry on. It is very clear to me this is Battlefield Earth. If we are blessed enough to know Christ is the Light and the Way home, it is all we will ever need to keep going. I often wonder what distinct aspect in each one of us determines our ability to understand the Truth. So many souls start out with the foundation needed, and then on their way, they lose track. I see my son as a soul in this category. On the other hand, there are souls who are so grounded in the Truth nothing will sway them. This is a mystery to me I will always ponder. Thanks, Mac, for being my friend. God bless and keep you always.

          • Remember none of us know the absolute truth of current events. Only those stated by G-ds word. Many of the major players may not even know the rules they truly are playing in this act. This has been going on for centuries, since the Illuminati, if not since Babylon. It must be orchestrated by Satan.
            The closer you git to the “Truth” and increase your follow ship, the more THEY will go after you. Your articles appear to generate more comments than most of the others. Make sure you keep your skin thick and do NOT take anything personal that anyone may say or write. Many will just think you are insane.
            The other factor is the closer you git to G-d and move away from sin, the harder the Devil will work to pull you back.
            I’m very proud of your spiritual progress in the Fight against Evil by Speakin Truth to Power. Keep up the good work combined with Grace and Salvation should be the final reward.
            PS: Even with Brazil’s book sayin she was dead scared of bein murdered after Seth Rich got wacked, no one will talk about it or the Podesta emails, even with ALL this sexual accusations goin on. They are ALL scared!

          • Mac, I will research on Seth Rich. Honestly, I am very frustrated that so much is coming out, but nothing is being done. It is hard watching all of this.

          • G-d must be blinding the sheeples eyes preparing us for the End Times. How else can Such Criminal Activity right in the open be ignored! Please do not git discouraged. If it is the End Times we can NOT stop it. Only Speak Truth to Power and hopefully save a few souls and bear Martyrdom without shame. Satan’s Beast is foretold to have his reign for 42 months and will defile the Temple. We will see!

          • Comment from Infowars about the Canadian Billionaires who committed suicide? Was it Arkancide? I know yo are following the HAITI scandal.
            Read this excerpt from a report found from the OIG office !
            As to how close President Trump’s cataclysmic
            destruction of the “Deep State” is, this report continues, can be
            seen in the growing “Clinton Body Count”—that is most
            commonly known as “Arkancide” and denotes the mysterious
            deaths of witnesses to the crimes of former President Bill Clinton and
            his wife Hillary—and whose latest victims are the Canadian pharmaceutical
            billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey—both of
            whom were scheduled to be interviewed by OIG Inspector-General Horowitz
            investigators this week about the Clinton’s crimes in Haiti—and
            whose deaths came just days after another Horowitz witness, named Dr. Dean Lorich, was, likewise, mysteriously killed before he could testify about the Clinton’s
            crimes in Haiti—and all of whom
            now join former Haitian official Klaus Oberwein—who was another witness to the Clinton’s crimes in Haiti
            suicided this past July just prior to his testifying, too

  4. The zionist governemt wants a war with us. Incinerating thousands of homes of people will do it. Murdering people with fire will do it. This willl wake of millions of people in COMMIEfornia. The war is on…

    • Justice, I just wonder how many can see the Truth through this horrid smoke. I posted the video of the lasers, so people could see for themselves. I tried to find all the evidence I could to back up the skills that are now used by The Beast System. However, most will not believe these things, although the evidence is there.

      • Too many people suffer from cognitive dissonance. They don’t want their cozy little delusionla world interrupted. BUT – I think this is a tipping point. Way too much evidence. Melted cars. “Expoding fires.” Houses turned to ash, yet unburned trees still in the yard. No [phony] search for arsonists [idiots are’t they – you think the jews would have at least thought of that]. This arson done by the jew.s.a. government is, unlike chemtrails, totally in-their-face. There will be a revolution, likely within a year.


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