First Daughter Advocates For Affordable Childcare, Paid Family Leave

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By Gabrielle Seunagal

In fairly recent news, First Daughter Ivanka Trump made headlines for her work to gather support for affordable childcare and paid family leave. These changes will permit American families to deduct childcare expenses from their annual taxable incomes. Ivanka’s cause has transcended partisan lines; many Democrats are on board with the policy. President Trump also endorsed his daughter’s plan during last week’s address to Congress. However, CNBC has announced that “near term action remains slim” as a result of the White House’s central focus being the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare.
The chief executive of healthcare marketplace, Sheila Marcelo, recently sat down and had dinner with Ivanka to discuss logistics of women in the workplace, entrepreneurship amongst women, and policies that would benefit families. Marcelo expressed her interest for the First Daughter’s plan to grant larger refundable credit to lower income families. A recently analysis by the Tax Policy Center has determined that approximately 70% of the program’s benefits would be received by higher income families who make over $100,000 annually. I personally admire the First Daughter’s idea: It would be an amazing opportunity for working women, but I look forward to further modifications that will extend benefits to low income families who are in greater need of them.

Despite current circumstances, the First Daughter has not hesitated to enact her policy: she held meeting with several lawmakers and Republicans to discuss her cause. Ivanka recently reintroduced a bill that would grant tax companies credits for providing paid family leave to their workers. Her policy would also increase protections for women who are currently seeking out equal pay in the workforce. As a female independent contractor, I believe Ivanka’s plan has great potential for working women and I am excited about the progression of her work-place friendly policy.

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8 thoughts on “First Daughter Advocates For Affordable Childcare, Paid Family Leave

  1. I would suggest to her to create an environment and benefit package that would pay subsidies to mothers who would stay home and nurture good citizens out of their children as they home schooled them, encourageing them to use critical thinking skills, math, history, etc.
    The women have bought into the stated communist plan introduced into the congressional record in the 60’s to break apart the family structure in our nation, the backbone of any truely civilized nation.
    The meme of “strong” women is the wrong emphasis. We need loving, caring, empathetic, educated women who will see their chidren as gardens to tend to and not just put up with them between job assignments.

    • Great idea, except one thing. It’s not the government’s job to improve the lives of its citizens and provide them protection.
      Oh. Wait. I guess it is. They must’ve forgotten. Maybe it’s time to remind them.

  2. This is wealth transfer. I have enough of my taxes taken to pay for kindergarten, elementary, high school and post graduate education, not to mention free lunch and breakfast.
    Socialism is socialism, and if you have kids then pay your own way. Tax credits are just a means to disguise tax payments by other people who make up the difference. This is a bad idea. I’ll go with tax deductions, and even a personal income tax deduction, but no more.

      • No. The defining sentiment behind socialism is “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Socialism would mean NOT paying him for his work so the money he earned by trading his labor for pay could be given to someone who claims a need.

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