‘First question, I’m told, is…’: Biden hints to staff-directed press questions

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President Joe Biden hinted that his staff had suggested what news outlets to call on during his joint press conference with South Korea President Moon Jae-in.

“First question, I’m told, is MaryAlice Parks, ABC,” Biden said Friday, opening the duo’s two rounds of questions.

Parks went on to ask Biden about how he is balancing Democratic demands to ratchet up pressure on the Israeli government over its approach to Palestinian militants and whether there has been a shift in his party’s attitudes toward Israel.

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The U.S. president has had a number of awkward moments and moments since taking office, following a career in the Senate and as vice president of making regular gaffes. Experts, however, doubt these so-called “Uncle Joe” moments will damage Biden in terms of his job approval polling numbers or his odds of winning a second term, should he run in 2024.

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