First they came for Alex Jones…Now they’re censoring alternative/independent media on the left

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Facebook Just PURGED Over 800 Political Accounts for what they call spamming and inauthentic behavior. Many of those banned are crying foul saying they didn’t break any rules. Some believe this is Facebook purging political content just before the mid terms to prevent “meddling.” Is this a case of censorship or is Facebook actually doing the right thing? Many of the pages removed were left and some were far left but they did happen to remove many right wing pages as well. Unfortunately as many people were calling out this behavior in the past social justice activists and feminists cheered when major social media banned people, now that it is affecting pages they like they are upset. But this is exactly what we said would happen.

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Lionel: Feckless Facebook admits it purged over 800 pages for no articulable reasons or valid bases-


Facebook blocks links to free speech competitor ‘Minds‘

Facebook has started blocking links to free speech-based competitor Minds, claiming the website is “unsecure” and advising users not to promote it.


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