First Twitter, then Facebook, now Reddit — gradually, then suddenly the major social media (through which 99% of online speech go through — or in other words 99% of all speech) have decided that censorship was ok and part of their job. A terrifying trend.

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by The_In-Betweener

Trump’s Twitch channel suspended, and Reddit bans pro-Trump online group –

Reddit closes long-running forum supporting President Trump after years of policy violations –

Reddit bans subreddit dedicated to Donald Trump in effort to curb hate speech –

Reddit, Acting Against Hate Speech, Bans ‘The_Donald’ Subreddit – The influential pro-Trump community broke the rules on harassment and targeting, said Reddit, which also banned other groups. –

Social media site Reddit bans pro-Trump forum, live-streamer Twitch bans U.S. president’s channel –

Reddit Is Done Pretending The Donald Is Fine –

Reddit bans largest pro-Trump subreddit amid hate speech crackdown –

Reddit bans 2,000 subreddits, including The_Donald and Chapo Trap House –

It’s over on these big platforms. The sooner we all abandon them and prop up their competitors, the better off we’ll all be.

Some suggestions:

Saidit [dot] net

Minds [dot] com

Bitchute [dot] com

Parler [dot] com



The Law says you have to be a publisher or a platform. Reddit is a Platform, they are not responsible for what is posted. Reddit is a Platform, they decide what can be posted. A court is currently hearing claims that Big Tech violated the First Amendment and Antitrust Laws. All this is related.


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