FISA Memo Released; Trump Blasts Obama’s FBI and DOJ ‘Lot of People Should be Ashamed’

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by Chris Black

Today’s a big day, as the House Intelligence Committee received the green light and released the now-famous (or infamous if you’re on the left side of the force) FISA classified memo, which details abuses of secret surveillance by Obama’s Department of Justice and the FBI in regard to Trump-Russia investigation.  The full text of the memo is available here . President Trump approved the release of the memo on Friday morning, basically declassifying it. What’s very important is that the FISA memo was not redacted, despite the FBI and DOJ’s opposition.
Among the key findings in the memo, the TLDR version if you like, the good news is that we now have confirmation of what we’ve already suspected, i.e. that the phony Steele so-called dossier (funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign nota bene), an opposition research file by any definition and called a dossier for “more drama”, compiled by a former British intelligence officer based on spurious Russian sources, was an essential part of the first and all 3 renewal surveillance applications against a Trump’s campaign member, Carter Pager respectively. More importantly, the memo says that  (now fired) FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe acknowledged that no FISA warrant would have been released against Carter Page without the Steele dossier.
The cherry on top is this though: the dubious political origins of the so-called dossier were well known to senior FBI and DOJ officials, yet this crucial fact was not mentioned in applications to the judge to obtain the warrant. This is huge. Also, a senior DOJ official, Bruce Ohr respectively, met with Christopher Steele, the dossier’s author, back in 2016. Ohr then told the DOJ after the “encounter” with the James Bond of our times that the British spy was ‘desperate’ that Trump not get elected president.
Basically, the FISA memo confirms what the left wing corporate mainstream media used to call conspiracy theories, i.e. that Obama’s administration was in cahoots with the Clinton campaign, and they’ve abused the power of government to sabotage and to spy Donald Trump’s campaign. Also, the entire Russia-collusion was the actual conspiracy theory, being entirely based on biased sources and an uber-partisan scheme.
Now that the truth is out, we must demand that justice be done. If we could rely on our politicians, there would already be indictments.
*Drop the Mueller investigation immediately
*Investigate Obama, Lynch and Comey
*Investigate Hillary and her campaign
*Investigate all Never Trumpers in congress who aided this effort
*Investigate all FBI and DOJ holdovers from the Obama adminstration
And for God’s sake, immediately cease and desist all references to Russian collusion! And leave President Trump to his work, fighting for the American people!
Here are some interesting reactions via Twitter:

And here’s President Trump reaction:
“It’s a disgrace what’s going on in our country, a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves,”

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38 thoughts on “FISA Memo Released; Trump Blasts Obama’s FBI and DOJ ‘Lot of People Should be Ashamed’

    • Wrong troll! Military Tribunals are next. These people will be reclassified as enemy combatants. The paperwork is all in order. They’ve already seated the tribunal in Gitmo.

      • There are no Military Tribunals coming, kook. In fact, the military is withholding battle plans for NK from Trump because they realize he has no judgement.

        • If the United States goes to war with North Korea, it’s World War III, and the United States will lose.
          This should be obvious, in that the United States is still in Afghanistan and Iraq both, having won neither of those wars. The US did manage to destroy Libya, so I guess that’s a “victory” if you call having a million refugees flooding into Europe “victory”, and Syria is still standing.
          Meanwhile, the Navy is so incompetent that two ships have managed to run into cargo ships, the slowest, largest moving behemoths on the ocean so what chance would they have against, I dunno, a rowboat and a fertilizer bomb?
          The US can’t win a war against North Korea, unless the US goes to nuclear war, and at that point, it’s Armageddon.
          Dwight Eisenhower ended the stupid Korean war. He was probably the best president the United States had in the last century, he even warned you morons against the rise of the Military Industrial Complex, but you’re nothing but a bunch of idiots. You’re dupes.

          • The u.s. is going to give nk a bloody nose and kim will not lift a finger.

            China will not tolerate an attack within their continent, and neither will Russia.
            They’ll simply introduce the gold currency swap that they’ve already created through the BRICS nations, then dump all their Treasury bills in retaliation. China will abandon trade with the United States and nationalize US interests there. This will collapse the US dollar overnight.
            You have no clue what has already been setup to prevent this. It’s already done.
            The United States is run by idiots, and it’s population is clueless and propagandized. I guess you fools deserve what’s coming to you allowing your government to become so blatantly corrupt.

          • I wouldn’t bet against the u.s. and basically all western countries in an economic war against Brics.

            It’s a sure bet. How’s the English Empire doing today?
            It’s not like we’ve not seen this before. The United States doesn’t PRODUCE anything anymore. The one area where we had a clear lead was computer technology, but the NSA sold that by getting corporations to put backdoors in everything.
            The US has a national debt of 20 trillion dollars and the national debt of the United States has doubled every 8 years (on average) since 1971 – since the Nixon Shock, when the US “temporarily” suspended convertibility of dollars into gold. Have you noticed that the official debt just doesn’t get updated for months at a time now? What? You think we don’t continue to run the same deficits every year?
            The United States hasn’t won a single war since World War II unless you count Grenada or unless you grasp for straws calling Iraq, or Libya a success, whatever the missions of those were. We better not go to war with somebody that can fight back.
            Americans have a completely delusional idea as to the worth of the United States with the rest of the world. China isn’t a backwater where 50% of the population ride a rickety bicycle to work anymore – they are the world’s manufacturing powerhouse. They build nearly everything. I would bet the device you’re reading this on was made in China, the chair you’re sitting is was made in China, the clothing you are wearing are made in China, the paint and the walls if not the walls around you, are made in China.
            China is just sitting back biding their time, handing the United States more rope. They don’t say much about anything the United States does, even when it involves North Korea.
            The United States is in decline. Look at our intelligence agencies: They are rife with corruption. Congress is just a bunch of dummies that sign whatever bill a corporation puts in front of them then they get paid a few million when they get out of office for “speeches” and they profit off from insider trading. The law is enforced selectively. We have a police state where the intelligence agencies are spying on the entire US population. The police have been militarized. There are very real attempts to censor free speech. Our media is blatant propaganda.
            Do you think this is because the United States is still a powerful democratic system that has the full support of it’s population? If Russia landed in Washington DC and stated “we’re just here to kill every politician an bureaucrat here then we’re going to leave”, 75% of the US would be celebrating.
            The people on the top know what’s what. They’re not stupid, but they’re not gullible, and I’m afraid that’s the problem of most Americans, they still believe most of the BS pumped out by these liars and criminals.

    • It’s not exactly a nothingburger, but it’s nothing surprising.
      For months I strongly suspected that the Trump campaign was spied upon during the election, and that Steele dossier was the justification for the FISA monitoring, and this memo simply confirms it. Remember when Trump said Obama spied on his campaign for Clinton? Well, Obama did. This is how it was done.
      The only icing on the cake is, is that I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist nut for all this time for believing what this memo proves.
      It’s getting to the point that you don’t even need an intelligence agency to know what is going on behind closed doors, these buffoons are so freaking obvious that all you have to do is a little independent thinking. It’s not that you have to be highly intelligent or clever to be a member of the intelligence agencies – on the contrary, it helps to be stupid but entirely obedient.

      • If you call someone who is under criminal investigation, including a call trap or “wire”, you’re going to get picked up in the monitoring just like everyone else. If you’re talking to a criminal, or a spy, it certainly casts doubt on your own intentions.

        • If you call someone who is under criminal investigation, including a
          call trap or “wire”, you’re going to get picked up in the monitoring
          just like everyone else. If you’re talking to a criminal, or a spy, it
          certainly casts doubt on your own intentions.

          Yes, IF. If only…
          Basically, the BS Steele dossier was used to get the FISA warrant, a dossier that the FBI itself claimed was “unreliable” in front of congress.
          This memo shouldn’t even had to have come out. The judge that granted the FISA warrant should have taken action once the FBI claimed in front of congress that the Steele dossier was unsubstantiated. Just proves the entire Federal government is filled with criminals, yes men, and cowards.
          Engh, I think people ought to give up on draining the swamp, and just pave the damned thing over.

          • Page has apparently been under investigation since 2013.

            Find anything yet? That was 4+ years ago.
            Federal government is a joke. It’s been a joke since that Neocon stooge George W. Bush lied the United States into a war over a non existent weapons of mass destruction program. It’s just a group of complete criminals at this point. Anybody with any integrity left over a decade ago.

          • More likely, Page has been an ongoing source of intelligence about his handlers and co-conspirators. That would include Trump. No wonder you’re worried.

          • More likely, Page has been an ongoing source of intelligence about his handlers and co-conspirators. That would include Trump. No wonder you’re worried.

            Worried? About what?
            I’m looking forward to the collapse of the US federal government. I celebrated when the USSR collapsed, and I will celebrate when DC does.

        • I remember well.
          Just remember that this should have been known all along. CNN sold you the Iraq War over a non existent weapons of mass destruction program.
          And Assad isn’t gassing his own people, the terrorists the United States is funding is doing this.
          And Qaddafi wasn’t using viagra to rape women either.
          The US corporate media is all propaganda, all of it. NY Times, NBC, CNN, FOX, Washington Post, Yahoo News, all of it. It’s pure propaganda. We have more obvious propaganda than the Nazis or Soviets did at this point.

  1. Not good enough.
    Pretend you don’t know any of the people or organizations involved, and you have no idea how corrupted some of the players are. Then read the memo again.
    It’ll come off as something like “The DNC hired a neutral, qualified observer, who had previous experience from working with the FBI, to look into their opponent. Then Steele found out about all the information in the dossier, and reported it. This information — paid for in the same way you’d pay a private investigator to find out the truth, so that’s not damning — was then used to obtain FISA warrants. Later on, someone inside the FBI found out Steele might not be as neutral as he was assumed to be, but someone else renewed the FISA warrant – one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing, big organizations are not always efficient.”
    And of course that’s exactly how it will be pushed by the corporate media.
    And as long as it doesn’t say in clear terms that the contents of the Steele dossier were pulled from thin air and have no basis in fact, that’s how you can read it if you don’t know the players involved.
    The story the media will be pushing will be a much smaller lie than the other lies they spout day in, day out.

    • It’s encouraging to me for people to realize corporate media is propaganda.
      However, don’t forget, all corporate media is propaganda, and that includes everybody, including Fox News.
      The United States doesn’t really have a media anymore, it’s got a propaganda machine. Don’t think for a moment that the one source that is telling you SOME truth, isn’t just as corrupt as everybody else.
      Find that weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq yet? Find out who was responsible for that “mistake” so they could be removed from the government yet?
      That’s because it wasn’t a mistake. The corporate media isn’t just corrupt, the entire federal government is. It’s illegitimate.
      You know why the US is in Syria? It’s to steal oil. Genie Energy signed a deal with Israel to mine oil resources from the Golan Heights in 2013. The Golan Heights is Syrian land occupied by Israel. It was in 2013, that Assad supposedly gassed his civilian population, using the one weapon to murder people that would give the US an excuse to invade Syria. He’s got a military and an airforce under his command. He didn’t do this, the US funded rebels did. It’s a false flag.
      Look up who is on the strategic board of directors of Genie Energy. See if you recognize any criminals of the Bush administration.
      It’s all corrupt.
      It’s too late to drain the swamp, it has to be paved over. The entire federal government is criminal.

      • Fully agreed — Fox News is a distraction to create the perception that there is a real difference between Republicans and Democrats when in fact there isn’t. Aside from a few good people who happen to exist on either side (Ron and Rand Paul on the Republican side, Kucinich, Gravel and to some extent Sanders on the Democrat side), both of those parties are rotten to the core.
        The only major difference between the two parties of war and corruption is that when the Republicans are in charge, Democrats are out there (somewhat correctly) crying foul and when the Democrats are in charge, Republicans are the ones out there (somewhat correctly) crying foul.
        There’s a reason why Mr. Hope and Change essentially continued everything Bush did. They’re on the same team.

        • I echo your assessment of Rand Paul (Ron not so much), Dennis Kucinich, Tulsi Gabbard, and Mike Gravel.
          Hell, at this point, I even like Pat Buchanan. At last his foreign policy is entirely sane. I used to hate that guy.
          Most of DC, 98% of it, is just utter, complete, scum, and it’s so annoying so few people recognize it. I don’t think people are stupid, I think they are gullible, and think it takes a lot of work to understand what is going on, when it really doesn’t.

  2. NEVER! In their wildest dreams did they EVER imagine Trump winning over Hillary!!! They were so sure of a win and a continuation of their NWO agenda that there was no need to cover paper/email trails, it was all theirs!!!! And then he won. And they left a VERY sloppy trail of their blatant malfeasance!!! I hope this ends the dems, we need some fresh air on both sides!!!!

    • They’ve purchased the entire federal government, if you haven’t realized.
      McCain has been bought, he was the presidential candidate of 2008 if you recall. Mitt Romey was purchased, of course you know Hillary Clinton was, so was Obama, and John McCain – any piece of shit that has been run for the presidency since George W. Bush, and probably before.
      Joe Lieberman is a Neocon piece of shit, and he was Al Gore’s Vice Presidential candidate. He left the democratic party to support the Iraq.
      All of DC is just garbage. Don’t drain the swamp, pave the fucking thing over.

  3. MEMO summary: Foreigner working for DNC (STEELE) was fed information by foreigners (RUSSIANS) and he passed that information to a US Intelligence agency (FBI) and the media (YAHOO) then FBI used STEELE and YAHOO as basis to spy on an American (PAGE).

  4. It’s beyond embarrassing to see the US government behaving exactly like (or worse than) any other banana republic. Hopefully Trump will move beyond mildly scolding these traitors to ordering the Sergeant-At-Arms to make arrests of the perpetrators. Direct manipulation of elections is a treasonable offence, and it requires a much more serious response than what we are likely to see from our corrupt congress critters.

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