FISA Memo Released; Trump Blasts Obama’s FBI and DOJ ‘Lot of People Should be Ashamed’

by Chris Black

Today’s a big day, as the House Intelligence Committee received the green light and released the now-famous (or infamous if you’re on the left side of the force) FISA classified memo, which details abuses of secret surveillance by Obama’s Department of Justice and the FBI in regard to Trump-Russia investigation.  The full text of the memo is available here . President Trump approved the release of the memo on Friday morning, basically declassifying it. What’s very important is that the FISA memo was not redacted, despite the FBI and DOJ’s opposition.
Among the key findings in the memo, the TLDR version if you like, the good news is that we now have confirmation of what we’ve already suspected, i.e. that the phony Steele so-called dossier (funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign nota bene), an opposition research file by any definition and called a dossier for “more drama”, compiled by a former British intelligence officer based on spurious Russian sources, was an essential part of the first and all 3 renewal surveillance applications against a Trump’s campaign member, Carter Pager respectively. More importantly, the memo says that  (now fired) FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe acknowledged that no FISA warrant would have been released against Carter Page without the Steele dossier.
The cherry on top is this though: the dubious political origins of the so-called dossier were well known to senior FBI and DOJ officials, yet this crucial fact was not mentioned in applications to the judge to obtain the warrant. This is huge. Also, a senior DOJ official, Bruce Ohr respectively, met with Christopher Steele, the dossier’s author, back in 2016. Ohr then told the DOJ after the “encounter” with the James Bond of our times that the British spy was ‘desperate’ that Trump not get elected president.
Basically, the FISA memo confirms what the left wing corporate mainstream media used to call conspiracy theories, i.e. that Obama’s administration was in cahoots with the Clinton campaign, and they’ve abused the power of government to sabotage and to spy Donald Trump’s campaign. Also, the entire Russia-collusion was the actual conspiracy theory, being entirely based on biased sources and an uber-partisan scheme.
Now that the truth is out, we must demand that justice be done. If we could rely on our politicians, there would already be indictments.
*Drop the Mueller investigation immediately
*Investigate Obama, Lynch and Comey
*Investigate Hillary and her campaign
*Investigate all Never Trumpers in congress who aided this effort
*Investigate all FBI and DOJ holdovers from the Obama adminstration
And for God’s sake, immediately cease and desist all references to Russian collusion! And leave President Trump to his work, fighting for the American people!
Here are some interesting reactions via Twitter:

And here’s President Trump reaction:
“It’s a disgrace what’s going on in our country, a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves,”