FITTON: Adam Schiff lied and he needs to be held accountable

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by TFittonJW

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton tells FOX BusinessOpens a New Window. House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff should be stripped of his Congressional duties. “Adam Schiff should not be chair of the Intelligence Committee,” he said on “Lou Dobbs TonightOpens a New Window.” Monday. “You know, we had asked the Ethics Committee to investigate his improper disclosure of classified information and then he had these illicit contacts with Glenn Simpson and other anti- Trump witnesses. So two pending ethics complaints. And, you know, someone with that level of ethical malpractice should not be trusted with classified information.”

Fitton added, “And him threatening to jail his political opponents because this is what– this is a political process and he’s talking about finding in jailing his political opponents show you where his head is at. You know, and Schiff is one of the top offenders, in terms of the elicit targeting of President Trump. He’s obviously has been working with Fusion GPS.”

Research firm Fusion GPS is reportedly responsible for the Trump dossier that was the root of the Russia collusion investigation into the 2016 Trump Campaign. The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research to dig up dirt on then presidential candidate Donald Trump and his connections to the Kremlin.

Rep. Schiff, D-Calif., met with Fusion GPS co-founder, Glenn Simpson in the summer of 2018. Since the start of the Russia probe, Schiff promised he had evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. However, Schiff has yet to present any evidence of collusion or wrong doing by the Trump campaign.




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