Five Tips to Keep You Safe in a Mass Shooting

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Health and Wealth Bulletin ? In this week’s Health and Wealth Bulletin, research writer Amanda Cuocci tackles one of the hardest subjects facing America: mass shootings. To prepare for this topic, Amanda spoke with 40-year police veteran (and the father of one of our editors) Butch Bente to give you five tips to keep you safe in a mass shooting.


1 thought on “Five Tips to Keep You Safe in a Mass Shooting

  1. How about we change our mind-set? What should we do in the case of mass shooting? Find several other people who have courage, spread out and rush him. Few shooters are professionally trained in killing multiple attackers, especially drugged up Rambo wanna-bes. If you’re going to die anyway make it count. You can cover 20 feet in 2 seconds. Uh-rah!

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