FLASH CRASH As Japanese Yen SURGES! – The Global Currency CRISIS

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the flash crash of several currencies versus the Japanese Yen as many theorize many retail investors were bailing out of loss-making positions.
The Japanese Yen broke through levels that have held for almost a decade against the Australian Dollar catching investors by surprise and causing panic.
In this video, we break down why the Yen is NOT a safe haven as so many claim and how it’s just another example of why fiat currencies always revert to zero and how centralization props up the false belief in a currency until it comes crashing down and people lose everything.
As the everything bubble rages worldwide, it’s important to understand the vast problems of government and centralization. Currencies aren’t climbing against other fiat currencies. They are just falling at different rates. Some are falling faster than others. Regardless, it’s important people break free of the government and the banking systems around the world. People need to be independent and self sufficient. People need to be financially responsible for the sake of their own futures. People cannot be dependent on these massive entities that benefit from the dependence and control of the masses.

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