Florence Is Taking The Whole State Of North Carolina – She Is Headed Straight At Me – The Great Smoky Mountains – UN Biosphere Reserve.

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by Ruby Henley

I am sitting here on a very surreal Saturday night.  I thought I might as well write about it while I can, as I may be homeless by Monday.  We have never really been hit like we are supposed to be hit by Florence. She is supposed to rip us tonight and early tomorrow morning.

I have supplies, and my valuables are sitting here by my side.  My dog, Lucy, is sitting in the floor beside the sofa chewing on a bone I just gave her.  She does not seem to be feeling the effect of Florence, but I am feeling a heaviness in my soul.

Mark my words, Florence is a hybrid storm – not natural. She is pre-planned by some monster, who has it out for the Carolinas.  Something sinister is happening, and again it is not natural.

Humanity is going to be leaving this Earth in vast numbers this year – population control is speeding up.  I wondered how they would move us out of here, as we are in a biosphere – a United Nations biosphere. They are going to remove us through weather manipulation.

Grandfather Mountain is the only private park in the world designated by the U.N as an International Biosphere Reserve.

A biosphere reserve is a unique kind of protected area that differs from a national park, wilderness area, national forest, or wildlife refuge.  The main goals are conservation of genetic resources, species, and ecosystems, and scientific research and monitoring. Scientific research and monitoring – no surprise here.

The Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB) was launched in 1970. A UNESCO Biosphere Conference in 1968 had brought together representatives of government and non-governmental organizations to consider what should be done about threats to the biosphere that were being increasingly perceived by U.N. Member States.

MAB’s original aim was to establish protected areas representing the main ecosystems of the planet in which genetic resources could be protected and research and monitoring could be carried out. These protected areas were to be called “biosphere reserves.”

We all should be concerned about how biosphere reserves operate in the U.S.  I am going to try to educate you in this article, as I have been concerned for a very long time.

The main objections are how does this affect national sovereignty, the status of private property within biosphere reserves, the amount of control the United Nations has over the management of land included within biosphere reserves, and the effect that biosphere reserves might have on the economy of nearby communities.

Others have questioned what effect the designation of a biosphere reserve might have on property values and on the willingness of businesses to locate within them, and whether the biosphere reserve will change patterns of tourism in the area. No economic or scientific studies have been done on any of these questions.

So you see this is a subject with no answers as of yet.  I have often wondered what will come of these areas in NC, which are biosphere reserves?  It only stands to reason they will eventually remove humans.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is recognized as part of the international network of Biosphere Reserves as an example of its protection of major ecosystem types and its devotion to conservation of nature and scientific research.

We now find that at least 20 pieces of American property have been designated as “World Heritage Sites” and so identified with markers. These include Yellowstone and Yosemite national parks, the Grand Canyon, Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello, and, believe it or not, the Statue of Liberty. All of these markings took place without any publicity, without the American people knowing what was going on.

The designation of these World Heritage Sites was authorized by the World Heritage Convention, a treaty signed by President Richard Nixon and ratified in 1973. The World Heritage Program is carried out by UNESCO, to which the United States doesn’t even belong. President Ronald Reagan pulled us out of UNESCO because it was totally corrupt.

The UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program was created in 1970. The United States joined in 1974 when our State Department signed a memorandum of understanding (not a treaty) to put us in the Biosphere Program and pledge that the United States will adhere to the Biosphere conditions and limitations laid down by UNESCO.

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Paragraph 44 of the World Heritage Operational Guidelines states that “natural” Heritage Sites can be interchanged with “core reserves” of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program. These core protected areas are planned to be surrounded by highly regulated buffer zones, all for the sake of “biodiversity.”

At a conference in Spain in 1995 that culminated in the Seville Strategy, the Biosphere Program underwent a radical change in purpose. The first goal of the Seville Strategy for Biosphere Reserves is to “promote biosphere reserves as a means of implementing the goals of the Convention on Biological Diversity.”

U.S. State Department representatives agreed to this new framework of UNESCO-designated guidelines and objectives for the Man and Biosphere Program. So, even though the United States doesn’t belong to UNESCO, and even though the U.S. Senate refused to ratify the Biodiversity Treaty, the United States is marching right ahead with UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Program.

Starting with Yellowstone National Park in 1979, UNESCO has designated 47 Biosphere Reserves in the United States covering 50 million acres. In order to designate sites and spheres under either of these UNESCO programs, the United States must agree to manage these lands according to international dictates and objectives.

That’s another way of saying that the United States has agreed to limit our sovereign power to manage our own lands any way we want in pursuit of our own national interests.

The UN/UNESCO types have made no secret of their goals. Their next step is their Wildlands Project, a plan to designate one half of the United States as “protected areas or areas where special measures need to be taken to conserve biological diversity.”

Where does this leave us?  Do we have any idea what is really happening to the United States and why?


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