Florida mayor busted in FBI sting

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Florida mayor busted in FBI sting
(Democrat took Russian checks – a lot of them)

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. — Authorities say the mayor of Hallandale Beach has been arrested on three felony charges following an undercover FBI investigation.
The Broward State Attorney’s Office said in a news release Thursday that Mayor Joy Cooper has surrendered on the charges. It wasn’t immediately clear if she has a lawyer to represent her.
The felony charges are money laundering, official misconduct and exceeding campaign contribution limits. Prosecutors say Cooper, a Democrat, also is charged with the misdemeanor soliciting contributions in a government building.
“Law enforcement officials in Florida arrested Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper on Thursday after an FBI sting caught her allegedly involved in money laundering and corruption-related activities.
The Broward State Attorney’s Office said that Cooper surrendered on charges of “money laundering, official misconduct and exceeding limits on campaign contributions, all of which are third-degree felonies,” ABC 10 reported. “Prosecutors also charged her with soliciting contributions in a government building, which is a first-degree misdemeanor.”
According to the Broward County state attorney’s office, FBI agents posing as developers and business owners met with Cooper and former attorney and lobbyist Alan Koslow, who pleaded guilty to a federal money-laundering conspiracy charge in a case with the FBI that was part of their “Red Chip” sting operation to target political corruption in South Florida.
Investigator Kate Abrahamsen reported Cooper solicited campaign contributions from Koslow that exceeded the legal limit, accepted money that she believed were the proceeds of unlawful activity and falsified campaign treasury reports in September and October of 2012.
Abrahmsen reported Koslow was unaware that the wealthy California land developers seeking political favor for commercial land projects were really undercover FBI agents. He reportedly also set up meetings with Cooper at her home, at the Flash Back Diner, at the Diplomat and handed her 20 checks “from a bunch of Russian names” at a Hallandale Chamber of Commerce event.
The felonies Cooper faces carry a maximum of a five-year prison sentence each and the misdemeanor a one-year sentence. Cooper has been the Mayor of Hallandale Beach for approximately 13 years and previously served on the city’s commission.
Mayor for 13 years, and before that, on the city’s commission.
Just imagine how much money she has stolen during that time. Must be a millionaire by now…not that it’ll do her any good.
The greed is off the charts with these politicians.
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8 thoughts on “Florida mayor busted in FBI sting

  1. “That’s all just distraction! We all know the real problem is Trump being Putin’s puppet! Granted, a year long investigation hasn’t turned up a shred of evidence, but who needs evidence when we KNOW what happened?
    Don’t look into Florida mayors, go get Trump!”
    — CNN

  2. Wait a minute. A Democrat caught colluding with the Russians? I searched the MSM and all I heard were crickets. Huh, go figure. I guess they are only interested in reporting Russian collusion stories with false narratives. The real ones don’t count.

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