Florida School Boards Association Ditches NSBA After ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter

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Looks like the commie Marxist NSBA has lost again

“The Florida School Boards Association announced on Tuesday it would leave the National School Boards Association (NSBA) effective Wednesday, in a continuation of the backlash from state board associations against the NSBA for colluding with Attorney General Marrick Garland to target parents under domestic terrorism laws.

“The board voted to condemn the letter that [NSBA] sent to the White House requesting the FBI to get involved with local school board businesses,” Escambia County School Board Member Kevin Adams told a local ABC News affiliate.

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The FSBA sent a letter to their national umbrella organization in October to express concern about the NSBA’s letter to Garland, explaining the FSBA’s decision to withhold its membership dues and threatening to continue withholding them.

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Brevard County School Board Member Matt Susin told local news that the lack of a response by the NSBA to the Florida group’s demands played an important role in discussions before this week’s unanimous, bipartisan vote to cut membership ties completely.

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Florida joins about half the states in the country that have distanced themselves from the national organization. Montana and South Carolina withdrew from the group last month, joining Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Hampshire, and Louisiana in ditching membership in the NSBA.”



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