Florida teen attacks elderly relatives over tomatoes after grandma claims she ate ‘more than her fair share’

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Apparently, this family is really into tomatoes.

A homey scene turned bizarrely violent in Florida when a young woman got into a fight with her elderly family members at the dinner table over the number of tomatoes she could eat. While the disagreement started with a fight over the food, it ended with the girl allegedly attempting to stab her grandfather.

Katie Jade Gates, 19, has been charged with two felonies over the Sept. 12 incident, Fox 51 reported. She’s been accused of aggravated assault and aggravated battery on a victim over the age of 65.

According to the incident report by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office obtained by Fox News, Gates’ grandmother claimed the girl became angry because “she wanted to eat more than her fair share of tomatoes at the dinner table.” When she was denied more tomatoes, her grandmother said Gates became “disrespectful towards the other adults in the house.”



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