FLORIDA: While we were all out rioting… WHO says coronavirus situation ‘worsening’ worldwide.

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Look at this graph.

It shows the most new cases of any 4-days in the pandemic.




No matter what you think about the virus/hoax debate, the numbers are climbing drastically.

Check the link at the bottom of this post and see the bar graph of daily new cases.

But please, don’t let that stop you from attending that protest with hundreds of thousands of people packed in close-proximity to eachother…

Rioting to show whitey how mad you are is more important than a functioning economy!


Cue the “pandemic is Trump’s fault” cries from the media while they condoned breaking social distancing guidelines for the race-riots.

It’s almost as if they knew that encouraging the spread would give them a bump and some material for the news cycle after the riots died down.


Texas re-opened early, without requiring masks. Now hospitalizations are surging to record highs.

Reported coronavirus hospitalizations continued to surge in Texas as Gov. Greg Abbott continues his reopening of the state’s economic activity.

The state reported 1,796 COVID-19 hospitalizations Thursday, a one-day increase of 309 and the third-highest Texas total of the outbreak. The 33 new COVID-19 deaths reported Thursday brought the Texas death toll for the outbreak to 1,767.


This chart shows hospitalizations, not cases, so this is not a side-effect of increased testing.

7 day moving average of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Texas:

Things are looking bad.

WHO says coronavirus situation ‘worsening’ worldwide.

Dr. Fauci says George Floyd protests provide ‘perfect recipe’ for new coronavirus surges

Recent protests across the U.S. over the death of George Floyd could lead to new surges in coronavirus cases, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Friday.

“It is the perfect set-up for the spread of the virus in the sense of creating some blips which might turn into some surges,” Fauci, a member of President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, told radio station WTOP-FM in Washington, D.C.

“It is the perfect set-up for the spread of the virus in the sense of creating some blips which might turn into some surges.”

— Dr. Anthony Fauci 

His comments came as the U.S. edged closer to 2 million confirmed infections and 110,000 virus-related deaths, and the globe neared 7 million infections and 400,000 deaths since the pandemic began, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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