Flu season HOAX?? The Math does not add up.

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So I have been following this flu season very closely as I keep hearing about how it is one of the worst in history, and they are desperately trying to put together a new vaccine for the masses.
then I read this…
The hospitalization rate is currently at 31.5 people per 100,000 U.S. residents.
okay, so that would mean out of all 350 million Americans just about 110250 will end up in hospital.
Only about 10% – 15% of those cases will be fatal, so on the high end 16 – 17K will die of flu and flu related causes.
Sounds like a lot of people, however a typical flu season will claim 20 – 30K on average.
So WTF? They are saying how bad the season is on every news outlet available, WORLD WIDE. They are frantically trying to get this new vaccine together to get it out to the masses. People are scared. However, the season is actually not all that bad according to their (CDC) own numbers.
So…can I interest you in a NEW AND IMPROVED SUPER FLU SHOT???
They do a decent job of getting all their ducks in a row, but there are still some of us out here that don’t go with their flow.
I was never going to get any flu shot, never have. However, I was watching what was being said about the this flu season and thought it could be “the ONE”, until more and more number were released and it just did not add up.

See also  Biden: "Prepare for hurricane season - get vaccinated"
See also  Biden: "Prepare for hurricane season - get vaccinated"

Flu vaccines causing flu OUTBREAKS across America

The flu vaccine is partially to BLAME for the flu outbreak that’s now reportedly killing 100 people a day across America.
h/t Wash 2.0


2 thoughts on “Flu season HOAX?? The Math does not add up.

  1. every year they try to sell the flu vaccine hoax, especially telling the elderly and those with respiratory problems they need to get the flu or pneumonia shot. to me thats malpractice on a doctors part. knowing that getting a flu shot is giving you the flu r those around you the flu. they play into that false idea that vaccines will make you immune. smh. its absurd. the body has an immune syatem that is strengthened by encounters with disease. vaccines weaken it. people must stop falling for vaccine myths. as cure alls.

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