Fmr FBI Special Agent, lawyer, CNN analyst Asha Rangappa Deletes Tweets Claiming Steele Dossier is Verified and Reliable

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Jason Beale

Today’s IG report reminded me of a long twitter argument
I had with @AshaRangappa_ about a year or so ago, in
which she mocked the notion that the FBI would present
uncorroborated info to a FISA court, amongst other
assertions proven wrong by today’s IG report. It appears

Jason Beale

…Asha has been doing some cleaning up lately – she
deleted all of her tweets in the thread. Luckily, I
anticipated such an eventuality and screenshat some of
them. I’ve got to run out to a dinner, but will tweet out
the parts I saved when I return.

[Evidence at the link]


h/t dr0id


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