For all those that think illegal immigrants don’t vote. Welcome to Illinois, where illegals get drivers licenses, and they vote…

5 people were indicted on felony charges of illegal voting and petition gathering. The “illegal voters” were not only illegal immigrants, but some voted SEVERAL times.
Also, this isn’t in Chicago. Chicago would never prosecute an illegal alien for something like this. Fun fact, Chicago has somewhere between 500,000 to 1 million illegal aliens. Imagine how many vote when the buses come to pick them up?

5 Lake County residents indicted on election-related charges

With early voting underway for the March 20 primary election, officials have announced the indictment of five people on felony charges related to the November 2016 general election in Lake County.
The charges against the five local residents began with information uncovered by the Lake County clerk’s office, and then the cases were developed through an investigation by the Lake County state’s attorney’s office.
Assistant State’s Attorney Fred Day said the cases all involve alleged crimes stemming from the Nov. 8, 2016 general election, and the lengthy time frame prior to charges included initial discovery of the alleged crimes by the clerk’s office, followed by the need to interview both witnesses and those eventually charged in the cases as part of the investigation.
According to Day and court records, Marcelo Villaruz, of Beach Park, was charged with perjury for allegedly misrepresenting his citizenship prior to voting. His wife, Gina Villaruz, was indicted on the same charges. Both are scheduled to be arraigned March 21, as are the other three defendants.
Yvette Yust, of Waukegan, was also charged with two counts of perjury for misrepresenting citizenship, Day said.

“The American electorate isn’t moving to the left- it’s shrinking. Democrats figured out they’d never win with Americans, so they implemented an evil, genius plan to change this country by restocking it with voters more favorably disposed to left-wing policies that Americans would ever be…. No minds have been changed. Democrats just brought in a new group of voters whose minds don’t need to be changed.”
? Ann Coulter, ¡Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole