For every Amazon package it delivers, the Postal Service loses $1.46. Bezos Subsidized by USPS using Taxpayer Dollars

In fact, they’ve climbed so much, according to a recent analysis by Citigroup, that the Postal Service should be charging Amazon $1.46 more per package than the $2 or so it does now. “Amazon now enjoys low rates unavailable to its competitors,” the Journal story said. “It’s as if Amazon gets a subsidized space on every mail truck.”

It’s not just the free ride in the truck. It’s the $200 million three years ago to furnish carriers with 270,000 Internet-connected handheld scanners needed for real-time package tracking. It’s the $5 billion or more to replace the Postal Service’s 190,000 delivery vehicles with new ones better equipped to handle packages.

The Postal Service has followed this formula to $60 billion in losses since 2007. It expects to lose about $6 billion more this year. But first-class mail volume is down, junk mail is about the same,packages continue to grow 8 percent or so per year, and Postmaster General Megan Brennan’s position is that “we’re obviously looking to get additional customers who are interested in that type of customized delivery.”

There is no question the Postal Service must change to survive. What we need from it has changed. We now pay bills online. We email rather than write letters. We evite rather than send invitations. At the same time, we buy online and need the Postal Service to deliver.

One of The Richest Men in the World, Owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos, takes advantage of a Loophole, which allows him to Rip Off the USPS and US Taxpayers to the tune of $1.46 per package. This gives him an advantage over everyone else to keep prices low, while Brick and Mortar businesses like Toy R’ Us can’t compete so they close down, and his workers literally piss in bottles because they are watching you and counting how long your bathroom breaks are

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