FOR SALE: UK Sovereign independence, assets, industries, population control, Rule of Law and Brexit voters.

by John Ward

Please submit all enquiries about this once-in-a-lifetime fire sale (resulting from the moral and fiscal bankruptcy of the United Kingdom) to Theresa May Vassal Developments (2018) plc, and the company’s advisers, NATO Mogherini Enterprises, Goldman Sachs Dollar Hegemony Division, The Brussels Salvation Army, and State Department Central Pentagon Intelligence (Delaware) Incorporated.


The Bank of England’s Governor Mark Carney really is a piece of work. After the Brexit vote in 2016, he and his FOMC dropped the UK interest rate from 0.75% to 0.5% in a move widely (and rightly) seen as unnecessary. But it hasmade life expensive for British tourists and UK expats in the eurozone during two summers with a weak Pound…very much part of the “Plan” to make Brexit unpopular, one suspects.

The saving grace is that, allegedly, it enabled UK exports to increase. But now the rationale for raising the rate back to where it was – you’ll love this – is ‘to build ammunition to tackle an economic downturn following Brexit’.

Er, the economic downturn didn’t materialise in any form until eighteen months after the Brexit vote. And, um, we haven’t activated any elements of brexit itself at all. Further, just as we need a cheaper Sterling to help our efforts to boost trade beyond the EU, Mark Carno’s Circus raises the currency’s value… 9-0. That’s an extraordinary level of unanimity given the length of time with no change at all. Finally, how exactly does Fred Karney think increasing the cost of borrowing is “ammunition” for a recovery?

But you see, if you’re Alt State and thus keen to turn Brexit into anti-Brexit, this is what you do. The alchemy is all about heads they win and tails we lose. A bit like the Lottery, albeit without any chance at all of The People winning. Or turning wine into water and then telling the citizenry it’s only for their own good.


It may seem odd to people of sound mind that at this, the most knife-edge moment in our history since 1940, the House of Commons has gone on six weeks paid leave. I had a dream last night – a very vivid dream as it happens – in which my elder daughter had grown very old, and was in conversation with a Labour MP from today who was a Leaver. A little boy (meant to be my daughter’s grandson, I think) was playing with the MP’s grandson, when the latter suddenly said, “Grandad, what did you do during the Brexit crisis?” and the MP answered, “Actually, we went to Crete and sailed around the islands on Winston Churchill’s yacht…..he was, I recall, in fine form”.

Dreams are like that – lucid in parts, but logically impossible in others. So is our current era – but fear not: Olly Robbins, Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt and other signatories to surrender are racing around the EU trying to sell the Chinese Chequers scheme to various foreign ministers, opinion leaders and Junckerdom apparatchiks. They’re trying to sell a scheme that is not compliant enough for the Barnier circus, and far too bad a Brexit deal for most Brits.

I’ll just type that again. They’re trying to sell a scheme that is not compliant enough for the Barnier circus, and far too bad a Brexit deal for most Brits.

If that isn’t a mad nightmare landscape worthy of Salvador Dali on mescalin, I don’t know what is. But for the geopolitical blocists, bankers with frontal lobe syndrome, neocon militarists, globalist combines, the May Cabinet and a few thousand unelected pension embezzlers in Whitehall, it’s just the ticket.

“For the Few, not the Many”. Sorry, no, hahahaha, it’s the other way round. Slip of the tongue, there. Sorry. Silly me.


George Orwell was right about most things, but for me his most telling insight was that, if his 1984 vision ever developed into reality, the ‘social democratic’ Left in the West would be the very last group to see it coming….in fact, they’d cooperate with it. But the author of Animal Farm always assumed the threat would come from the Communist Left. He was, of course, writing in an era wherein “fascism has been defeated”. Now we have high IQ morons like Owen Jones scribbling about “smashing” fascism, while at the same time ushering the uninformed uniform Remainer idealist bots into the queue for membership of a capital club where they will be crushed.

In 1943, it was called the Queue for the Showers. Plus ça change and all that.

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Things wouldn’t be quite so bad if we could rely on the Right’s Leavers to stick to such principles as they have. But this is clearly too much for a political class of whom Harold Macmillan once remarked, “The collective term for British Cabinet members should be ‘a lack of principals’”.

My main ire in that context is directed at Dominic Raab, a man who could turn on a sixpence. The following are extracts (my emphases) from a key Brexit speech he made during the 2016 referendum campaign:

“There is one absolutely clear-cut dividend from leaving the EU. That is our ability to regain control of our borders, including far stronger powers over who we can deport, and proper preventative checks at the border….it is now the EU and the Luxembourg Court that present the clear and present danger to our security…..They put their ivory tower dogma of EU free movement ahead of the safety of our citizens….”

This remains the key sticking point for Monty Barnier’s Flying Circus. Why on Earth would a true Brexiteer accept the post given to him by Prime Minister May in that context?

This is what Raab said in an interview on June 9th 2016:

….only by leaving the EU can Britain regain full sovereignty, giving voters the inalienable right to hire and fire those who set their laws…The bottom line is that you’ve got record levels of fraudulent use of EU funds going on at the moment. The EU is a signatory of the UN convention against corruption and the very first thing you’ve got to do is have a review of your systems and practices and they haven’t done that….In all of their assessments Remain have massively airbrushed out of the picture the risks of staying in the EU….”

Here he was referring to structurally fiscal and economic flaws in the eurozone….but as the then Justice Minister, he was also wary of the European Court of Justice. He’s been forced to deny changing tack on that one too. Read between the lines of these weasel-wriggle-room words a year ago on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

“The government will outline in a Brexit policy paper that the UK will no longer beunder the direct jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice once the UK leaves the EU”.

What does the word “direct” mean? Jurisdiction is like pregnancy: you either are or you aren’t. (It’s also worth bearing in mind that there have been endless Brexit policy papers, all of which were tougher than the Chequers yes-and-no-with-reservations Munich Agreement driven by Ollie Robbins.)

On the occasion of their first press conference a week ago, Mr Raab stood like a mouse with a sore throat as Michel Barnier ripped into the Chequers capitulation. His rant included the following gems:

“The [Chequers] White Paper commits the UK to membership of the European Convention on Human Rights. It recognises the European Court of Justice as the only arbiter of EU law…[but] it comes as no surprise that finding common economic ground between the EU27 and the UK is more difficult….the UK wants the customs [independence] element to be UK-wide. But we have doubts that this can be done without putting at risk the integrity of our Customs Union, our Common Commercial Policy, our regulatory policy, and our fiscal revenue….

When invited to respond, at no point did the new Brexit Secretary opine that Britain has no intention whatsoever of worrying about the internal integrity of the European Union, such being anyway a myth up there with the Unicorn. He promised merely to “energise” the negotiations.

The British Establishment is going to sell out the majority Brexit vote in exactly the same way as we have been selling UK assets to France (EDF), Germany (Rover cars), China + EDF (Nuclear Power), India (steel) and the US (Water + NATO command) for the last four decades.

It was always on the cards, given that our élites are all on the take. I keep waiting for the citizen anger to appear. Meanwhile, I shall continue breathing normally.


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