For the First Time since the French Revolution, no Christmas midnight Mass at Notre Dame in Paris

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While the fact bears noting that Notre Dame did not falter in holding Christmas services through 2 world wars, and centuries of time..

I take exception to the word “accidental” in describing the Notre Dame fire this year.

there is zero proof of that.

from the article:

“This is the first time since the French Revolution that there will be no midnight Mass (at Notre Dame),” cathedral rector Patrick Chauvet told The Associated Press.

There was even a Christmas service amid the carnage of World War I, Chauvet noted, “because the canons were there and the canons had to celebrate somewhere,” referring to the cathedral’s clergy. During World War II, when Paris was under Nazi occupation, “there was no problem.” He said that to his knowledge, it was only closed for Christmas in the period after 1789, when the anti-Catholic French revolutionaries turned the monument into “a temple of reason.”


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