For Those Wondering Why Believe Putin Before Believing the Globalist Puppets in the US, Let’s Look at the Timeline

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by Chris Black

2016: Trump wins:

-The US gov/media lies about Trump conspiring with Putin to hack the election, pushing anti-trump propaganda 24/7 all throughout his presidency.

2020: C19 “escapes”:

-The US gov/media censors all dissent about C19 on all platforms, lies about the origin, lies about natural occurrence, lies about the NIH creating it, inflates and manipulates case, hospitalization and death counts, implements a medical police state and marital law, fires 50 million people overnight.

2021: “Vaccines” are created:

-US gov/media suppresses/censors any viable treatments for C19 (Ivermectin, HCQ, monoclonal antibodies) to maintain Emergency Use Authorization, lies about efficacy and safety of vaccines, denies reality of herd immunity, denies that the “vaccines” don’t prevent transmission or disease.

2021: Russia accuses US of creating biological weapons near their border: -US gov/media refuse to address these allegations and suppress this news from Western media outlets. Lies via omission.

2022: Russia uses calculated missile strikes to destroy US/NATO military assets and secure US DoD funded biolabs in Ukraine:

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-US gov/media push fake Ukrainian war propaganda, fabricate stories, use false video, photos from other wars, accuse Putin of blindly killing civilians without evidence, largely misrepresenting the actual situation in Ukraine, pushing mass disinformation.

CURRENT: Russia accuses US of creating bioweapons AGAIN, after invoking an emergency meeting of UN Security Council:

-US gov/media claims the Russians are pushing disinformation, right after they tried to scrub their records on US DoD funding of biolabs in Ukraine, then admit they are concerned Russia will use the biological weapons they claimed they didn’t make at the biolabs they claimed didn’t exist. All while censoring any speak of these biolabs.

Years of nonstop, crippling propaganda and lies, yet we are expected to trust the US gov/media now?

Sorry, I’ll go with the evidence before I go with blind National pride. If you trust a single thing that comes from the TV after what you have seen over the past 6 years, you didn’t learn the lesson.

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“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”


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