Forbidden protest in BERLIN/Germoney: protesters broke through POLICE BLOCKADE

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They have to walk another 4 miles (6km) to the CITYCENTER. (Berlin’s diameter is 50km (30miles)

Unfortunately, they follow CONTROLLED OPPOSITION apparently.
If something is forbidden already, the result will NOT be good.
PROTESTS is not what the system does not expect, so they would never help anyways. It will only send more Cops to block all people.

Obviously GDR is back, as it never was gone. German DICTATORSHIP REPUBLIC

Shouting “PEACE FREEDOM NO DICTATORSHIP” or “WE ARE THE PEOPLE” is useless at this point in the story.

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Good luck anyways for everybody. Stay safe.

Even if POLICE let them get through…it’s useless….and many will be arrested and/or hurt/attacked.



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