Foreclosures up 550% YoY in my area, has the bubble popped?

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Seriously that’s a huge jump. My county seems very pocketed, I checked several other areas, some were not as high, but others also high.

I used Realtytrac. I tried to get overall county, but could not. But did see article stating Tampa/St Pete area one of highest foreclosures in nation I guess.

I find this strange since the past year has been HUGE, I mean YUGE influx of NY/NJ tags.

Here is exacting wording from Realty Trac:

This is for my zip code only, but WOW:

“In November, the number of properties that received a foreclosure filing in 33*** was 117% higher than the previous month and 550% higher than the same time last year.”



This is NOT my zip, but another one just to give you an example it’s more than my area. This is 400% YoY. Here’s link, I like this link as it also gives crime stats:

Quote from Florida Trend Magazine:

States that saw a double-digit increase from last month included; Arizona, up 52%; Ohio, up 52%; Florida, up 48%; New Jersey, up 47%; and California, up 36%.



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