Forget About Paris: The Left’s Frantic Meltdown Over Leaving a Bad Deal

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by Robert Carbery

The moral outrage from the Left over President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement has been strong and swift from political activists masquerading as reasoned scientists. They know all they need to know already.
Vox’s headline from Jim Tankersley, who also writes for the flaming Leftist publication The Washington Post, read: “Quitting the Paris climate agreement is a moral disgrace.” His article went on to defend the contents of the agreement without referencing anything about how unfair the deal is for our country, touting only the possible benefits if we reduce emissions drastically in the coming years.
The agreement, if followed by the U.S., would force us to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% while China would not have to do anything for the next 20 years. This deal is simply unfair, according to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. The libertarian Republican insisted that the deal would “fail overwhelmingly” if put to a vote in the Senate, which is why Obama did not come anywhere close to proposing this climate deal as a treaty. You won’t hear about that fact from your major media types though because global warming / climate change consistently ranks dead last on the important issues Americans care about – so politicians will act accordingly.
The propaganda would continue. Trump decided to leave the Paris Agreement and dismantle another of Obama’s tenuous legacies. The Left does not like this.
CBS News claimed that shifting to a “clean-energy economy” would result in a potentially greater boost in employment. One piece of evidence they reference is how many more people were employed in the solar sector last year than coal mining. But is it any wonder why that is the case after eight destructive years of Obama administration policies propping up the solar power industry and killing coal mining or other fossil fuel-related jobs that could very well never come back? And let’s not forget that many “green energy” companies would surely go bust without generous subsidies from the federal government.
President Trump’s announcement last Thursday claimed the Paris accord would cost the U.S. 2.7 million jobs over the next eight years. CBS attacked Trump’s evidence from the American Council for Capital Formation and the Chamber of Commerce, calling it “at best incomplete.” No surprise they nitpick here on the evidence used by Mr. Trump but fail to poke any holes at the many evolving arguments for global warming / climate change, which fail to take into account the many hot and cold cycles we have had throughout our Earth’s history before man made fossil fuels were being spewed into the atmosphere.  
Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show wrapped up the mainstream media hysteria over Trump’s move recently.
On CNN, they said mass extinctions and flooding in the streets were coming. The ACLU said this was a step backward for racial justice, without explaining how the hell that’s the case. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said last Thursday was the day the U.S. resigned as leader of the free world. Former Secretary of State John Kerry predicted our kids will have really bad asthma in the summer.
The drumbeat from affluent liberals telling the rest of the country what to believe and how to react is one of the many reasons Trump won last year and why he will likely win again if they keep this up.
The talking heads on cable news declare the climate change matter settled. Any questions whatsoever are heresy or apostasy! Shut up and believe, is what the Liberal media want you to do. They would rather scare the public into thinking we need this agreement as opposed to actually digging into the contents of it to find out if it is indeed a good or bad deal for America.
Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA, put the Paris agreement in economic terms for reporters, something that surely fell on deaf ears. He said, “Paris put us at an economic disadvantage,” heaving too heavy a burden on us. We are still 40% short of targets of global greenhouse gas reduction, according to Pruitt and we have been going all out to meet those goals. It’s time to put aside the utopian goals Obama pursued and the Left championed over the last eight years. It is time to focus on what actually impacts us on a day to day basis and not crucify our economy over climate change.  
Sure, we need to remain dedicated to having a healthy and fully functioning planet for our future generations. But we do not need to cripple our economy in the process or go out of our way to reduce greenhouse gases while other countries are not held to the same standard.
The climate change activists have changed their narratives and scientific models, shifting around the data so many times in recent years that their predictions have come to mean nothing. Our Earth naturally cools and warms and has done so over hundreds of millions of years. At the end of the day, no one can predict where we will be 100+ years from now.
Yes, we need to take care that we maintain quality air to breathe. Sure we need to see to it we have a sustainable planet for as long as possible. But we can do that by showing the rest of the world how and by exporting our technologies.
We don’t need a rotten deal to do that.  

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