The London Bridge Attack and the New Normal in the West

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by Robert Carbery

Seven people were killed and at least 48 others were injured on the London Bridge and Borough Market this past weekend in yet another terrorist attack. This is the new normal in Europe. Especially London. But it didn’t have to be.
Three Islamic jihadists mowed down pedestrians then hopped out to randomly stab victims with 12-inch knives. Cutting throats and causing panic, the police shot dead the terrorists within eight minutes of the first reports. But the damage was already done.
This attack comes just 12 days after the Manchester concert attack and 10 weeks after the Westminster incident near Parliament.
These people are monsters. One eyewitness said they stabbed one girl 10, maybe 15 times while she was screaming out for help. Another eyewitness spoke of the men shouting, “this is for Allah,” as they stabbed people at will.
The open borders crowd incredibly continues to proclaim that these attacks have nothing to do with Islam. The Left remains in denial of the link between high Muslim populations and the number of terrorist attacks in certain Western cities. Certain cultures do not coexist.
Islamic State sympathizers and militants hailed the attacks in London and called for more such strikes throughout the West. Breitbart Jerusalem obtained access to some correspondence that was posted in a closed chat group.
The attack was carried out mere hours after an Islamic State-linked news service had posted a message on Telegram calling for supporters to “gain benefit from Ramadan” and “kill the civilians of the Crusaders. Run over them by vehicles.” What a sacred month it must be for them to maximize its benefit by killing others.
Another post read: “The infidels don’t feel safe despite having the newest planes, missiles and guns. A number of lone wolves have turned the centers of their lives into a hell that’s burning them. Our brothers have sworn to turn Europe into a military base. May Allah bless your graves, you lone wolves.” This is a war and we are losing. The mass intake of refugees from Muslim countries cannot continue. Pretending that this has nothing to do with religion and culture as these radical jihadists travel into war torn lands in the Middle East to return home in their hideaway in the West to commit atrocities is straight idiocy.
Apparently the BBC even has footage of the terrorists claiming their attacks are for Allah while stabbing an innocent woman but they will not release it.
Terrorism does not have to be an everyday part of life in a big city. Not when you get a hold of your borders.
One of the attackers on Saturday arrived in the UK with his Pakistani parents who were refugees. The Manchester bomber was also the son of refugees from Libya.
UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s initial response to this increasingly deadly problem in her country was to regulate the internet to stop the spread of jihadist ideology somehow. She said nothing about an immigration policy that allows individuals to re-enter the UK from Syria or other hot spots. Nothing was said about the already thousands of known jihadists roaming the streets of England as we speak (that we know of). Nothing uttered about the hateful words inciting violence against our Western culture coming out of mosques and other known voices in the UK and Europe.
The worst part about the fallout from Saturday night’s tragic chain of events is that the Left is not outraged about the actual attack or its many victims. They are more worked up about President Trump’s tweets so as to not address the very real culture clash they are refusing to confront. Islam is not compatible with the West. That is the truth.
If our governments do not do anything to quell the rise of jihadist attacks in the West, we will surely see the rise in vigilante justice and hate crimes against Muslims. Yet, my friends on the Left continue to scream that “this has nothing to do with Islam” or these people are just in poor circumstances lashing out or what have you. These explanations are worthless. These attacks have quite a lot to do with Islam and it is a problem that is clearly coming to America.
President Trump proposes something to actually make an impact, stating we need to instate his travel ban immediately and a host on CNN called him a piece of shit.
This is the world we are living in, folks.
It is becoming clear that radical jihadism is taking its toll on Europe and Russia. Just since this April, 58 have died and 238 have been wounded in Islamic terror attacks. And still some are asking how this happens? It all starts with letting them in in the first place.
We must stop being politically correct!
President Trump’s early Sunday morning tweet read, “We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don’t get smart it will only get worse.”
This tough talk from Trump appeared to strike a chord with May, who did say that we cannot “pretend that things can continue as they are,” hinting at possible change to come. May is up for election already in just a couple days time so this could mean nothing. “Things need to change,” said May in a statement.
She also spoke of defeating this radical ideology calling it “one of the great challenges of our time.” Then, she declared that this evil ideology cannot be given the “safe space it needs to breed.” These radicals infiltrating the UK and elsewhere are too often looked over as we fear being culturally insensitive or something, therefore failing to report someone or something suspicious.
Brits on the streets of London are chanting: “Donald Trump – we love you! Britain first – fighting back!”
It’s time to stop pretending. It’s time to fight back. Before we have no culture left to defend.

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  1. Left spins this into Muslims are the victims. Every day we are going to see more and more attacks. Europe, save for poland, hungary and a couple others are completely cucked and subservient to multikulti ideology.

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