Former CIA Admits U.S. Intervention in Foreign Elections!

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Who wins in this ridiculous game they’re playing? Seems like these “intelligence “ agencies are giving themselves purpose. But it’s all a distraction from the powers who really control everything. Not the “deep state”. That’s one layer deeper than the mainstream media, at best. I’m talking about power that extends far beyond governments. Far beyond borders. Follow the money.


We must be able to discern who is telling the truth and who is simply engaging in propaganda. Sometimes there’s a grey area and it’s difficult to tell. Typical mainstream media is a joke. It’s designed to ensure the masses are like children. Only being told what they need to know. But if we follow the money, we can dig another layer deeper and start to unravel the entire mess. And I assure you, the deeper you go, the messier it gets.

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“Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries elections?”

“Oh, probably. But it was for the good of the system…”

“We don’t mess around in other people elections?”

“Well..mnmnmnmnnm” [Unintelligible]


“Only for a very good cause…in the interest of democracy”


Makes the accusation that if Putin claims Americans interfere in Russian elections, then Russia would obviously retaliate. She literally said “c’monnnnn, c’monnnnn” Like a teenager with absolutely nothing useful to say.

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She claimed that election interference was for “creating chaos, that’s the goal”

John Brennan: “He really does try to shape the internal politics of other countries.”

Putin: “Give us the materials”… Kelly “you know what it is”


“This is a state that exists to enrich Vladamir Putin”

With absolutely no cause they accuse Putin friend, a musician, for hiding millions of dollars for Putin.

Putin on bear, fake.


Hypocrisy | Definition of Hypocrisy by Merriam-Webster

James Woolsey on the Russians’ efforts to disrupt elections – YouTube

Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Part 1 | Megyn Kelly | NBC News – YouTube



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