Former CIA Director John Brennan Speaks Out About Trump Shake Down for Truth

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by Thinker

While the former director is worried about the security of the United States, he left out that without truth, there is no security. History of the actions of John Brennan, and what was not investigated or handled under his watch during Obama/Clinton administration gives president Trump the right to speak what is only written about Brennan. The American people are getting more truth than they’ve ever had under any president, and the fear of those who have wronged the people is showing. Those that speak out against a president who wants to communicate with words and not bombs have history of doing so. Wars for profits and with no war, the money is running out. Panic setting in because Trump isn’t letting the cash flow??? Where is the missing $9 trillion from the Pentagon? Does the former director know? What happened to the $30 billion in gold stolen from under building seven? Does the director know? Why is there a battle against Trump and the truth? The only people who don’t want the truth, are people with something to hide. (Obama quote)

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Flashback 2017 & News Manipulation – Trump slams outgoing CIA Director John Brennan

Chris Harmer of the Institute for the Study of War weighs in on CIA Director John Brennan, Russia and the release of 10 additional Guantanamo Bay detainees. Chris Harmer got it right.

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History is telling the truth and Brennan has history that reveals it. Trump just started.

Flashback 12/11/2014: Budget Bill Blasphemy and CIA’s Brennan Finally Speaks

Tonight Thom spoke with Mike Papantonio, America’s Lawyer and Host-Ring of Fire Radio about the pork-filled budget bill and how Wall St. lobbyists are again setting the country up for collapse. Shahid Buttar, Executive Director-Bill of Rights Defense Committee & the People’s Campaign for the Constitution (PCC) talks about CIA Director John Brennan’s torture press conference, who to blame and what should be done to them.


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