Former FBI Boss – Let the Truth Out!

Synopsis: Is the FBI being unfairly criticized by those who are calling for simple transparency from Bureau over their role in essentially being paid by one presidential candidate to spy on her opponent – an allegation that if proven true, would certainly be the greatest bureaucratic scandal in American history?
One former FBI Deputy Asst. Director for Counter-terrorism is appalled at the FBI’s lack of transparency.

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4 thoughts on “Former FBI Boss – Let the Truth Out!

  1. ‘The Press’ mentioned here is the great persuader mob who tell us what we should know and how we should feel about it. There is only 1 voice. But whose voice are we hearing? Not Obama’s. He was a salesman. Is Bill Clinton the big chief?

  2. Well, any relationship, ever, between the FBI and truth has been purely coincidental.
    This whole controversy is remarkable only for the fact that so many Americans, worked up about the FBI’s possible involvement with political activity concerning Trump, have been blissfully unaware of decades of FBI political activity and corruption.
    It is almost laughable, a little like only now discovering what the Mafia does for a living.
    Please, the FBI was used by every president of both parties to get information or do dirt to opponents.
    It has always been a fundamentally flawed organization.
    An American Stasi.
    And on top of that, its general law enforcement efforts provide a long history of incompetence, law-breaking, and shameful behavior.

  3. “Let the truth out…” Tell us what you had to do with the assassination and coverup of the Kennedy’s– Wellstone too.

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