Former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker initially advocated for charging Hillary Clinton related to her mishandling of classified information before being persuaded that the investigation “could not establish” the requisite intent, per a confidential hearing transcript released today by Rep. Collins.

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by AssuredlyAThrowAway

This development is interesting in light of the prior allegations made in open hearings by Rep. Jim Jordan that Peter Strozk (the FBI agent who had sent texts messages indicative of bias against then-candidate Trump while working on both “mid year exam” (the Clinton email investigation ) and “crossfire hurricane” (the Trump-Russia collusion investigation) in the summer of 2016) was the driving force behind a change in the wording of a letter summarizing the Clinton investigation promulgated by FBI director Jim Comey which “reportedly edited a key phrase that removed possible legal implications” as to Clinton’s conduct.

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It would be of interest if Strozk was also behind Jim Baker’s change of heart reflected in the testimony highlighted. For further context, the full transcript of Baker’s testimony can be found here-





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