FORMER PRESIDENT ME-ME-ME: Obama shatters previous record, mentions himself 467 times in one speech in Berlin.

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via americanthinker:

Here’s the breakdown of his personal pronoun use (based on a rush transcript of the event):

“I” — 312

“Me” — 33

“My” — 43

“I’d” — 9

“I’m” — 61

“Myself” — 9

The former president’s comments began on his favorite topic: himself.

“It’s been over ten years since I spoke to a slightly larger crowd in front of the Victory Column when I was running for president,” Obama said to a notably quiet crowd. “I had a little less gray hair then. And since then I’ve been back to Germany I think at least ten times. I’ve been to Europe countless times. But I’m as excited to be here with you as I have been ever when I’ve come to Europe.”

At the link there’s a video fast-cut of all 467 instances, and while fast, it still runs for over four-and-a-half minutes.

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