Former Trump Advisers File Lawsuit Exposing Dominion’s Secretive Practices

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A new lawsuit by former Trump advisers in Pennsylvania alleges that Dominion Voting Systems has engaged in secretive practices.

The lawsuit, which was filed by Look Ahead America, alleges that the Stark County, Ohio Board of Elections awarded Dominion Voting Systems a contract under less-than-transparent conditions.

The election technology company has frequently been at the center of controversy related to allegations of widespread voting irregularities in the 2020 elections.

The lawsuit states:

In the second half of 2018, the STARK COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS contacted different vendors to obtain information and schedule on-site demonstrations of voting equipment relative to the potential purchase of new voting equipment. As a result, there were many in-depth conversations between the vendors and the STARK COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS, including the staff of the BOARD OF ELECTIONS.

In September 2018, on-site demonstrations of potential voting equipment were made by potential vendors to the STARK COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS and staff. Ultimately, two vendors tendered proposals to the STARK COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS for new voting equipment: (i) Electronic Systems & Software; and (ii) Dominion Voting Systems, Inc.

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