Four really REALLY Good “Must Watch” Covid Videos

by Stucky

First, I’m sorry if any of the videos have been shown here before.  It’s a challenge to recall what was posted after more than a year’s worth of Covid articles.

1) One of the most esteemed virologists in the entire world explains how The Clot Shot bypasses the immune system … and why it will kill many (just give it a little more time, folks)

2)  How does the mRNA vaxx work?  Here is a truly awesome 3D video. No. Really. It’s friggin awesome.


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— 3)  This wasn’t supposed to happen!  They were all so goddamned surprised.  Remember that from the faux “vax experts” a few months ago? The contents of the Shit Shot were supposed to remain at the injection site.  IT WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO ENTER THE BLOOD STREAM … BUT IT DOES!

If you haven’t taken the shot, this might make it in your Top 3 Reasons as to why not.  If you did take the shot; 1) get a blood test! and, 2) Pray. Hard.



—4)  For the folks here who believe the Shit Shot has to do with the End Times stuff like the Beast, 666, antichrist, etc ….  a “Biblical view on mRNA bioweapon vaccine




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