FOURTH Member of NJ Family That Has 7 Infected Has Died From The Virus… 2 On Life Support

HORRIFYING: One family in New Jersey had dinner together last week. 4 are now dead from Coronavirus, 2 more on life support.

  • Vincent Fusco became the fourth member of the Fusco family to die on Thursday
  • His death was confirmed by Roseann Paradiso Fodera, an attorney and relative
  • Vincent died just a day after his older brother, Carmine, and mother, Grace, died 
  • Grace’s oldest daughter, Rita, died last Friday; she also tested positive for virus
  • Elizabeth Fusco described heartbreaking moments leading up to their deaths 
  • Deaths in the family are connected to John Brennan, 69, a horse trainer who was the first New Jersey resident to die after testing positive for the virus
  • Brennan had attended a Fusco family gathering, according to state authorities  
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