Fox 10: Kari Lake, told by bosses to hide her account on a “right wing free speech platform” Her reply F*ck THEM!

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Here is Lake being told by her co-host John Hook that station managers wanted her to hide her account cause they want no connection to the right wing free speech platform.

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A Fox 10 Reporter Had Explicit Words For Her Bosses Who Want Her To Hide Her Right-Leaning Connections

Posted at 12:00 pm on July 16, 2019 by Brandon Morse

Fox 10’s Kari Lake, out in Phoenix, Arizona, is an Emmy award-winning journalist and isn’t scared about what people might think of her connections to the right despite what her bosses may fear. Not only is she not afraid of having to answer for her account on Parler, she has some bombs to throw at her managers who are pushing her to hide her account.

Lake was about to do a Facebook live with her co-host John Hook when Hook informed Lake that the higher ups would like her to hide her Parler account because of its associations with the “far-right.”

“I think they just think it’s been branded as a far-right kind of place,” Hook said.

“Jesus,” said Lake, clearly annoyed.

“So they don’t want you tied in with anything like that, where you’re going to get blowback from the New Times or whoever it is,” continued Hook.

“F**k them. They’re 20-year-old dopes,” Lake asserted…





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