FOX: “FBI GC James Baker has now implicated a great many people at the FBI and the DOJ in the illicit scheme to frame Donald Trump”

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Big News Tomorrow – beginning of this segment:

Hannity: Sarah we always start with you. Let’s talk about the news to
the extent you can. I know you know what I know. There will be big news
tomorrow. Let’s talk about that and the things that I just mentioned that
we can talk about.

Sara Carter: Yes so coupled with information that was received last week
from lawmakers it was that closed-door testimony Sean that James Baker the
former general counsel for the FBI – remember James Baker was a very close
confidant of James Comey worked very closely with former Deputy Director of
the FBI Andrew McCabe – He gave what they are describing as explosive
testimony and it was.

Sara Carter: I think what was most explosive about this information that they
got was the fact that Sussman himself who was working with Perkins cuy
was actually passing information like a back-channel very similar to Bruce Or
to James Baker who then delivered it to the counterintelligence division and
part of the information that the DOJ and the FBI was actually trying to keep
from the American people.

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Hannity: They didn’t want this information coming out because a lot of
[…] yet not embarrass themselves but they would claim in the name of national

Hannity: And also wasn’t there an attempt here – will there be evidence that
shows some members of the upper echelon not rank-and-file were involved in
literally trying – where they wanted retribution for the firing of Comey and
it will be proved?

Sara Carter: That’s right. They wanted retribution for the firing of Comey and
I think the American people will be stunned tomorrow when the information
comes out regarding members of the DOJ a very high-level official within the DOJ.

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Gregg Jarrett: Well, I want to go back to the deep state topic because
James Baker has now implicated a great many people at the FBI and the
Department of Justice in the illicit scheme to frame Donald Trump. He has
essentially confessed that these people at the DOJ and the FBI handled the Trump
Russia investigation in an abnormal fashion and driven by political bias.

He’s also lifted the veil of secrecy that it wasn’t just a British spy on the
Clinton payroll providing phony Russian evidence to the FBI but also a lawyer.

Gregg Jarrett: And I think in the day ahead as Sarah Carter indicated there is
going to be much more information of an explosive nature about the effort to
frame Trump.

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