ZUCKERBERG’S TELESCREEN: Facebook Portal Is The Last Device You’d Want Looking At You.

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Yet another surveillance device disguised as something cute and remotely useful. How are these devices a main priority for the state of the country? If tougher surveillance laws were in place would any of these devices even be developed? How is this even a revenue generator without the surveillance data I wonder.


On the heels of a massive Facebook security breach, either Facebook thinks we’re all a bunch of morons ready to give more of our blood to the tech giant, or we actually are a bunch of morons engaged in active data bloodletting at Facebook’s doorstep because Facebook has announced its Portal video device to continue the bleeding, but through video.

The Facebook Portal and Portal Plus are seemingly direct competitive devices to the Amazon Echo Show, the difference being is that the Facebook devices are designed with video chatting in mind, rather than shopping. However, Facebook will surely find a quick way to work in advertisements, or at least use conversations for ad-serving, though that’s an unsubstantiated observation.

Plus: “The biggest difference between the Portal and Portal Plus appears to be a 10-inch 720p screen versus a 15.6-inch 1080p screen and better speakers and rotation from landscape to horizontal while the camera tracks you and adjusts accordingly.”

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I’m sure it does.


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